Happy Easter 

So getting angry at myself this morning for running at snail pace,now I’ve started to run again because it felt like I’d been running for ever to get to 1.6k when I double checked and actually realised that I was at 1.6 miles!! Woohoo!

We just can’t seem to stop setting ourselves challenges Dan and I. Dan is currently training for the London Marathon which is now less than 1 month away, eek!! I have just signed up to another challenge called 5×50 – I have to do 5km every day for 50 days. I of course, picked the hardest activity on the list and there are other options if you would like to take part! You can take part by ourself, with a partner or a team of people. 

If you do join, when you register – you have the option to become a part of a team and you can pick Millie’s Trust! There is currently only me in it 🙈 because I haven’t told anyone that I’ve made a team up! I’d love to see some faces in there. 

So the challenges you can choose from are in the photo below and you can view the website for more details by clicking here. It’s a great change to get fit and to form a good healthy habit. I’ve will be setting up a sponsorship page up for my challenge with just a small target of £100 – so if you can spare a pound or two over the next 50 days that would be fab, when I get it up and running. 😀

And yes … The challenge starts today, Easter Sunday of all days. Great way to burn some chocolate off though – although you can register and start up until midnight this coming Wednesday, come on – you know you want a challenge 😀. Of what I have read, the challenge has always started on the day the clocks go forward which this happens to fall on Easter Sunday.   

Last year Leo was far too small to have any chocolate on Easter and to be honest 6 weeks ago, I would probably have been reluctant to let him any …but look at the photo above, breakfast time this year … How far we have come. 😀 

Once again, we are running our Easter text campaign on behalf of our Millie at Easter. We of course cannot buy our little girlie a big chocolate Easter egg but instead would ❤️ to see your kids with theirs and a donation for a virtual Easter egg for Millie over this Easter holiday. 

TEXT EGGS01 £3 to 70070 to send Millie a virtual Easter egg and then show us your text confirmation along with a pic of your little one celebrating Easter! 

This could be wearing an Easter bonnet, with chocolate around their mouth, sat with their Easter eggs etc!!!

The best ones will be selected to take Georgie’s place in this selfie photo (can you see, she’s got bunny ears on) and will win a prize!!!! 


Please like and share. Xxx


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