Wet and windy weather

You’ve got to love  “see your memories” on Facebook haven’t you? Well actually, some times I do and some times I don’t. I bet many of you are in the same boat. 

Anyway, this morning Facebook popped up with this one  …

 That’s 6 whole years ago when my (not then) hubby; in fact not even fiancé, completed his first ever half marathon in Wilmslow. When I met Dan, he loved running, he ran a lot but even then he had never run further than 10k before completing this half marathon. When he finished on this day, I remember talking to him and he told me that one day he wanted to run the London marathon but he thought he was getting too old… Fast forward 6 years and he’s had a lifetime happen and part of that was having his heart completely broken when we lost our precious daughter Millie at just 9 months old. That day 6 years ago when he told me that he had always wanted to run a marathon, I am 100% sure that he wasn’t thinking that he was going to be running it in memory of his own daughter.   


Running a marathon is an extremely hard, emotional and a lifetime experience that so many people do for other charities that have supported them when they have needed them or when a family member has needed them, which is absolutely amazing. Dan though isn’t running for someone else’s charity or someone else’s child. He’s running for his own charity and in memory of his own daughter, our gorgeous Millie. I know exactly the emotions that Dan will be going through when he is running in a few weeks time and it will get him through all those miles but he will also shed so many tears on this journey. 

On all the occasions that I have watched Dan run in races before we lost Millie (in fact, before we even had Millie)  I had always had a tear in my eye when I saw people running in memory of children, always thinking that it was never fair that all these children had passed away – it never crossed my mind at that point that my daughter would be one of these children in the not so distance future. 

But here we are and in less than 4 weeks time Dan will be taking part in the world famous London Marathon after spending months training for it. As I am writing this now in our lovely warm house with my slippers on keeping my feet warm looking after our lovely boy Leo, my amazing husband is out there doing 20 miles in this horrible wet and windy weather but he won’t stop, he’ll keep going even when it is hurting – because he is doing it for Millie.

So, when he gets home later there will be a big lunch ready for him as he will be starving, a nice warm brew and I’m sure that he will be wanting a lovely hot bath to soak his aching legs in. 💕💕💕

In the meantime if you would like to sponsor him please click here or text DANT01 £3 to 70070

Don’t forget, if you see him out and about give him a beep or a wave. 


Dan is now back from his 20 mile run …his first words “I’m broken … But I did it and I need a soak” xxx

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