Please can you bring me some nerves home? 

I texted Dan from the village earlier “Dan, I’m in Bramhall, do you need anything?”   His response “some nerves please” – suffice to say, I think he is getting nervous about his little run on Sunday, you may have heard of it, The London Marathon 😀. 

We are so extremely proud of him and we know Millie will be pushing him along to the end when he will see Leo and I will be waving and cheering at the finish line.

I know that this is going to be an emotional time for him doing this amazing challenge and I know that Millie will be in his head the whole way round and I am certain the hardest part of this for him won’t be the actual run – it will be finishing and Millie not being there for him to cuddle. Our rainbow baby will be though, so I’m pretty sure this little dude will get him smiling quickly 😀

 We do all these mad things in memory of Millie and to also help to save people’s lives. Take this for instance … we have been working on a little project recently that we have seen go live today and it’s been done in memory of Millie and in her home town of Cheadle Hulme.


Today we have fitted this in the centre of Cheadle Hulme on the brand new shiny Equity Housing Group building after the Equity Foundation have kindly supported us for the last 3 years. (Thanks Equity)   

Basically this box enables the Cheadle Hulme Community to have access to an AED 24 hours a day – this box could save a life! (To access the box, call 999) Do you like the amazing pink design? 

If you are a local resident, please do share this blog and make people aware that this piece of life-saving equipment is available to them. 

You see this is one of the things that we can do because of what we do in Millie’s memory. 

So, please wish Dan lots of luck this weekend for the London marathon, you can sponsor him by clicking here or by texting DANT01 £3 to 70070 (£3 can be changed to between £1 and £3) 

A huge thank you to Cardiac Smart Awards, Cardiac Science and Green Urban for helping us with this project and of course NWAS for enabling the CPAD to become live today. 

Leo has been discovering lots of new things recently, check out his reaction to either too much chocolate ice cream or brain freeze, I’m not sure which! Click here to view 

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