Are they designer? 


I have voted today. 

No I won’t tell you which way. 

I try not to discuss politics online BUT I have to mention the polling station as the funniest thing happened to me today. Many of you already know that I take Leo to Messy Monkeys on a Wednesday but yesterday I was working and daddy accidentally forgot that he should’ve been taking him 🙄. So I arranged for Leo to go to the same class in another location today and I walked there and back with him. I have two pairs of bottoms that I tend to wear for Messy Monkeys then it doesn’t matter if I get paint etc on them … See photo below 

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Walking back from Messy Monkeys after class, I popped into my local polling station and as I was giving my name and address, the lady was looking at me very strangely … then I remembered what I was wearing … So I laughed and said “the clothes are for my little ones’ class” the ladies response was “I’m glad you’ve said that as I was trying to work out whether they you’d paid money for designer jeans to look like that!”  This lady made my voting experience much more fun today, I couldn’t stop laughing. The things we do for our kids! 😀 I don’t mind though, I’ve just booked Leo’s new term for Autumn, it doesn’t bother me walking home splattered in paint, it’s all good fun.

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Other fun, we’ve had this week… check out this amazing present out that was dropped by our lovely friend Gemma.

(Photos on the wall by Sharon Wallis)

Now this giraffe is extra special because when our friend saw it, it had a sign up next to it saying Millie the Giraffe! It was fate wasn’t it …? It was such a thoughtful gift and Leo loves it, here he is below telling you how tall it is! 

Leo is like a total whirlwind at the moment and we absolutely love it; especially his yoga escapades.

Lots of you know how worried I was about not being able to laugh again or not enjoy things with my rainbow baby .. Well it couldn’t be more different than I had imagined xx

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