Daddy style …. 

Daddy seems to be having lots of fun with Leo’s hair, this is tonight’s effort … ❤️ it. 

Sometimes I wish so much that I could freeze time when I see smiles like this from my gorgeous boy … Time is going way too fast and my little baby has already turned into a little boy and before I know it, I’ll blink and he’ll be a handsome young man leaving school. 

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Every day Leo is learning to say something new or doing something new. 

I had a count yesterday of roughly how many words he can say already and we are on about 15 … It doesn’t seem 2 minutes ago that he was saying his first word, before we know it – he’s going to be bossing us around. 

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Time stops for no one, so make sure that you make the most of every single moment that you have with people that you love and make memories in everything that you do.

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