7 years and counting … 

7 years ago this evening Dan and I had our first date; of course I was late – about half an hour. I asked him tonight how long he would’ve waited? He said an hour.

7 years ago this evening Dan and I had our first date; of course I was late – about half an hour. I asked him tonight how long he would’ve waited? He said an hour. I thought that was pretty reasonable, he must’ve liked me! 

(Night before we moved in together) 

One month later in January 2010, I moved in with him, in just 5 months in May 2010 we were engaged and just over 3 months later in September 2010 we were married in America.  

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Many people had their own opinions about the fact we had gotten engaged and married so quickly and that there was a 12 year age gap between us. I’m also pretty certain behind our backs certain people were saying “it’ll never last” – proved them completely wrong haven’t we 😂. 

But straight to my point, did we actually care what other people thought? Short answer: NO. 

We couldn’t have given, well the polite thing to say here is I believe is, two hoots 😀. The impolite way, we didn’t give a shit. I use this word for emphasis because I feel very strongly about the way people made it clear they thought that us moving so fast was the wrong thing for us – who were they to judge? 

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Millie of course came along and then we sadly lost her tragically as you know, Rolo (our choc lab) bounded into our lives to help us with our grief, our energetic ball of a rainbow baby Leo put the smiles back into our life and we’ve sadly just lost another baby in the past month … (read miscarriage sadness blog here) …it has been one of the most emotional rollercoasters of a relationship that you could ever possibly imagine. We have been hit with some of the worst things possible as a man and wife … but 7 years after our first date, 6 and a 1/4 years of marriage….. we have just moved into our forever home and we are still standing, still as strong as ever and I’m certain we will stay that way forever. Something that I wasn’t even sure about myself after we lost Millie because I wasn’t even convinced I’d still be alive long after we lost Millie. 

A tradition (apart from the first couple of years after losing Millie) has always been to go out for something to eat on the anniversary of our first date, so tonight we did this again – just to a restaurant around the corner from where we lived, this happened.

Feeding food to one another …

Romantic cuddles and loving looks 

Holding  hands walking around the restaurant …yes, of course I mean daddy and Leo … so this left me with this 😂
Table for one (mummy) and note the big glass of wine …. 😀.

Honestly, it was hilarious …but wouldn’t have changed any of it. So after a very lively and loud evening out, I pieced together a pic of us two to celebrate 7 years, seen as we didn’t get chance to get one together. 

Home on the sofa, Leo asleep in bed … congrats to any other couples with anniversaries this month x

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  1. Stuff what other people thought you proved them all wrong and you are both inspirational everything you have both been through would break most couples but you two have done it together happy anniversary loads more happy years ahead of you all xxxx

  2. I never believe that following what others think is the way to lead my life 22 yrs ago I left the UK to meet up and live with my holiday romance …..2 grown children now and a life time of memories not all of them positive as a couple we have had some very hard times especially as carer for my mother in law for 15 years…..financial struggles sometimes..I have missed my friends and family but found my own friendships and family here …..well done to you both ! You really have been through so much …so many congratulations and always do your thing always be who you are ….xxxbless you both xxx

  3. Belated happy anniversary to possibly the most amazing couple i “know”. Although you will always carry the pain of the loss of your babies you carry it together and you deserve every happiness in the future. What you have done in Millie’s name is nothing short of miraculous… you have saved the lives of who knows how many children! So, for the people who thought that it was their right to judge and to belittle what the two of you have… one day it might be their child that is saved because of the strength of your love and the beautiful little girl that came from that. You have been through the two worst things a family can, losing a child and a miscarriage and are still standing strong together. I think he would have waited all night. 💖💖💖 xxx

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