We have some news!!!

October will see us into Millie’s 5th anniversary and December will see our charity turn 5 years old. We honestly cannot believe that it has been 5 years since we last saw our daughter’s gorgeous smile or heard her stunning laugh.

We could never have imagined when we started Millie’s Trust that it would grow so fast and gain so much support. I remember the first training kit delivery we had and then a few months later the manikins being sat at our dining room table. It was at that point that we decided that we needed to find an office to build the charity from. Within a couple of months we had our first office space, a few months later we expanded into next door and in July 2014 we moved to our current head office venue to create an internal training room and hire some


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Well, things are changing again. We’ve grown tremendously over the past few years and we’ve been after a bigger venue or a second venue to create more training space.

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A couple of days ago, we completed on a second venue in Cheadle Hulme Precinct, not far at all from where we had our short and happy time with our daughter – it feels like a mark of respect to her on her 5th anniversary to be opening near her home – because the whole charity has been built on her and the legacy she has left behind.

After a very stressful few weeks trying to complete, we finally got the keys! Yippee!

Check out our wish list here

Now we are on a tight deadline of 4 weeks to furnish and set up the venue before we officially have an open day on Saturday 14th October 2017 – I cannot believe this has all fallen in the final part of my

pregnancy, talk about stressful!

The venue will give us opportunity to host even more qualification courses, new courses and my own personal favourite, more courses for children!

We are very excited about our new premises opening and we hope to see lots of you there for the opening day and popping in to see us and may be pick up some Millie’s Trust goodies.

We cannot thank every that has supported us over this past, nearly 5 years as you have helped our charity thrive and be able to continue to grow and provide life saving courses.

With the new office opening, we’ve decided to upon a wish list up on AMAZON with office supplies on that we will need for our new place. This is your opportunity to purchase something directly for Millie’s Trust to use rather than a donation as we know some people like to do this. If you’d like to take a look to see what is on our wish list click here, you can purchase things on it starting at just less than £2!

Come and visit us some time soon!

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