A trip to Dunham Massey

Okay, so you know those days were they don’t exactly go to plan, today has been exactly one of those. 😝

So, my mum was planning on coming over today, so I asked her to come over for about 10am and that would just give me time for me to give Asher a bottle and then we could go out. She arrived just after 10.. so far, so good. Well, actually no…

Dan and I are trying to get Asher used to his big cot during the day in his room to get him ready for when he goes in there full time, just like we did with our other kids. Up until today he hasn’t gone down for longer than 15/20 mins so far, so I put him down before my mum came, thinking he’d be awake in time for my Mum arriving and so that he could have a bottle straight away whilst I was getting Leo ready to go out … nope, not a chance, delay number 1, he slept for nearly 50 minutes!!! 😂 Now you know what it’s like when you are trying to get a child to do something, you certainly don’t want to disturb them when they are doing something as you want, so we waited and waited … eventually he woke up and had half a bottle, not what I had presumed he would do.

Next stop was to daddy. I had asked Dan the previous evening to raise Leo’s seat on his balance bike as it it was too low for him now … except then I remembered that he had taken his tool box to work to fit some blinds, so this led to me having to take his bike to Dan at the shop where his tools were … delay number 2… the funniest thing about this, is that we didn’t actually need to go because we discovered that it was just a little latch that you pulled up to raise the seat … if only I’d have checked 🙄.

I nipped into Subway in Secret whilst Dan had Leo to get some dinner to take with us because if Leo had have seen me,he would’ve wanted to eat it there and then and I can guarantee that he would’ve pinned himself to the floor exactly where he would have been stood to try and get me to give him the food… so I quickly ran to the car and got my Mum to hide it…then i reclaimed Leo again and got him back into the car. (After he insisted on riding his balance bike back along all the fancy brickwork pattern in the Precinct, not just you’re standard route, haha). So off we set, to what should have been a quick 25 minute journey to Dunham Massey, a route that I have done quite a few times before and had absolutely no problems with. Not today though, here comes delay number 3…

The bloody road!! The new one. If you live in the area, you will know where I mean, the one that is all shiny and white! An hour, nearly an hour it took me to do this journey … you know why? The Sat Nav. The Sat Nav in my car didn’t want to play ball, it sent me every which way possible except down this new road! I could’ve cried when after about the fifth time that it had re-routed me (to nowhere I might add), I was on an adjacent road to the junction that I needed to come off at: and I could see it, I just couldn’t bleeding get to it! Then I realised I was on a road where I actually felt like I was driving the wrong way. The way this New Road has been built makes you feel at this certain point that you are actually driving head on into traffic 😱! I actually slowed down to about 10 miles an hour because it looked like the traffic was about to drive into me and I decided to concentrate on the signs to make sure that they were actually facing me … they were … phew, relieved, I carried on … only to be re-routed again!!’ Aaagggh the stupid Sat Nav, I could’ve punched it! This time we ended up at Tatton Park … wrong National Trust Park and we didn’t want there, we wanted to see the Deer and walk the route at Dunham.

At this point, about 50 minutes into our 25 minute journey, I pulled over and put it into good old Google Maps, 8 minutes later we were at Dunham Massey! Really should have used that in the first place.

Due to us being soooo delayed, we decided to eat our dinner in the car, This was probably the quickest thing of the day so far!

Next up, we had to get us all ready. Mum got Leo sorted, went a little like this …

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Grandma” Shoes off, wellies on”

Leo “nooooo, shoes on!!’

Grandma “‘Leo, shoes off” (they came off eventually) “nooooooo Boots”

…. luckily Grandma Jackie has had three kids of her own and soon cracked on and got him sorted, not without a lot of reluctance from Leo though!

Asher, he was the easy bit. He was still fast asleep but we had to get his coat on because he can’t wear it in his car seat … this was pretty quick and didn’t really disturb him much, he’s a good sleeper.

Bags packed, potty under the buggy, all wrapped up, Leo on his balance bike and off we set.

Nope. Go back Joanne, you’ve not convinced yourself that the car is locked … it was, of course it was. Off we set again, nearly at the entrance “aagggh, I’ve forgotten Leo’s helmet” and because he had his big winter hat on, I hadn’t noticed… off back to the car I ran! 5 minutes later, his winter hat was off and his helmet was on his head.

We’ve crossed the door, woohoo! About to go outside “wee wee … poo poo”- I thought he was messing around but he carried on saying it, so off I went with him to the toilet … delay number 4…

Off came all Grandma’s work, his big coat, helmet,gloves, woolly hat, all in one rain suit, underpants, jeans …. oh and he wasn’t joking, he did need the toilet 😬.

Then to get him fully dressed again … underpants, jeans, all in one rain suit, woolly hat, gloves, helmet and his big coat … and off we could go again!

Finally made it… 2 hours AFTER we had left Dan at the shop! We had a lovely walk around, Leo actually did amazing, I only picked him up and put him on my shoulders once for 5 minutes, the rest of the time he was either on his balance bike, running around, walking looking at twigs, kicking his ball, jumping in puddles or flicking mud at grandma!

Leaving Dunham Massey, it was actually dark! Hadn’t planned on that and you know what, Google Maps took 5 minutes to get us to the motorway, 30 minutes later we were home , in rush hour traffic!

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After a couple of hours playing at home, it was bedtime! Grandma Jackie read him a book then he wanted me, he did used to sleep after we left the room, but recently he’s wanted us in there (I know, we are working on it). So I’m currently sat on the floor, writing this blog just about to get up after being in here for over an hour listening to Leo pointing to the ceiling whispering all the colours that he knows to it … we had lots of “go to sleep Leo’s” this evening… then he started to talk to his City Bear, this is the little culprit below…

He was counting to him, he was starting to tell him the alphabet, he was talking to him about Mummy and Daddy, it went on and on… eventually I told him to say Night Night (why I didn’t try this earlier, is beyond me) to City Bear and tucked him in .. hey presto, he’s asleep …

Although it has been a fun day and one that I won’t easily forget, I am soooo tired!

I’d write more but I’m exhausted and could do with a drink and some food! (And I’ve now got to think of a quick Slimming World meal at this time of night – Follow my Slimming World journey and other antics that we get up to on Instagram here)

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Night All, here’s a clip of him to make you smile xxx (oh and I hope all your children are fast asleep right now 💙💕💙)


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