Happy 6th Birthday Millie

Dear Millie,

Happy birthday darling, today you should be 6.

We wish that you could taste your birthday cake.

We wish that you could play with the doll that we would have bought you.

We wish that could chase the balloons around like your crazy brother does.

We wish that we could dress you in a little party dress for your birthday party.

We wish that we could invite all your school friends around to our house to spend your special day with you.

We wish that you could read to us what we have written in your birthday card.

We wish that we could see your excited face when you jump out of bed on your birthday and realise that it’s your birthday and you have got even more presents, even though Christmas was only a few weeks ago.

Millie, our darling Millie, We cannot wish anymore, it hurts too much when they don’t come true.

Love you forever and a day, happy birthday little lady,

Love your broken hearted mummy and daddy xxx

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3 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday Millie

  1. Thinking of you all at this very sad time. This day should be a milestone for Millie, but instead it’s a sad reminder that she’s not here. Nobody knows what it’s like to have to go through all the emotions that you have had to, nobody knows how you must be feeling today. I send my love & thoughts to you all. 💞

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  2. Liz daly

    Too heartbreaking for words, just a beautiful little baby that should now be a beautiful 6 year old girl 😥 it makes me appreciate my children even more than I do so I thank you for this. I just wish we could all give you the one thing you wish and long for, just one frozen moment in time with Millie 💔xx

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