Trunki Giveaway

There are so many products for children on the market that you don’t ever know what are the best ones to purchase. We’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to use a Trunki and this is definitely one thing that I’d recommend parents to invest in for trips away.

Trunki has been around for many years now and you’ve probably seen them being used when on your travels. Trunki are regularly bringing out new designs of the original products and the newer products are just as fab.

Leo has been a very lucky boy recently and has got his lovely little hands on a brand new Paddington Trunki and a Leeroy Toddlepak.

From the minute he laid eyes on the Paddington Trunki (£44.99) he has not left it alone – he has packed it, unpacked it, sat on it, rode on it and hidden it away from us as he doesn’t want us to take it off him.

Arriving with a cute little Trunki passport and a set of Paddington Stickers, Leo couldn’t wait to get his hands on it! Luckily – a few days later, we were heading off for a couple of days so he was allowed to pack.

The illustration of Paddington on the case is gorgeous and I love the little tag about looking after the Trunki.

He was so proud of himself when he started to pack his own case, he threw in his underpants, some socks, t-shirts, Jeans and of course the obligatory soft toys and football!

I was extremely surprised as to how much actually fit in this little case! There was more than enough room for a week’s worth of clothing (and a couple of toys) without having to put his things in our bags.

The fact that Leo could hop on and ride along either being pulled by his mummy or daddy or using his own little legs to scurry along the floor was fabulous for him, he was so excited.

When we arrived at the hotel he pulled his own little case into the room and proceeded to unpack on his own. Proper little grown up boy 💙💙💙.

The stretchy straps inside the bag make it easier to fit more in the case and there is a handy little fabric pocket inside for those little extras such as a toothbrush and a comb.

Click here to win a Paddington Trunki

We have developed one little problem though …. Leo doesn’t want to ever get off it when he sees it – even having a ride around his bedroom before sleepy time 💕💕💕.

If Paddington isn’t your thing, there are many other of other options available that include a Gruffalo one, various animals and a Hello Kitty design. You even have the option to design your own case; Trunki have stated that there are over a billion combinations using this method.

Other Trunki Info

  • Trunki is extremely lightweight, just 1.7kg (3.8lbs)
  • Please don’t exceed over 50k in contents
  • Trunki is built from the same plastic as adult cases – hence why it can be ridden over and over again.
  • Trunki dimensions 46×20.5×31

Take a look at how funky Leo’s Toddlepak is when he’s modelling it walking down the street.

It’s a fabulous little design (there are many to choose from, see here) and lovely and bright.

I packed the bad up for a trip out and we got plenty in it, a full set of spare clothes, a pair of welly boots and a couple of essential toys in the main section. In the front face pockets, we had enough room for a full pack of wipes, some snacks and the side pocket for the bottle holder came in handy for a drink! All packed and set for a day out with just one gorgeous looking bag.

Click here to win a Paddington Trunki

My favourite bit though has to be the built in safety feature, with reflective features of the animals nose and the piping on the bag, ensuring our little ones can be seen when it starts to get dark.

I don’t think Leo will be leaving the house without his Toddlepak any time soon.

To purchase yours, click here

These are just two of the products that Trunki do from their range (and we will be purchasing ones for Asher too) – take a look at their website and I’m sure that you’ll find something that you like.

The lovely people at Trunki have kindly agreed to give away a Paddington Trunki via my blog!

If you’d like to enter, click here

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