Resting Place Vandalism

Dear Stranger,

There are only a few words to describe you, take your pick which one you would like to use to refer to yourself right now, scum … lowlife… waste of space … would you like me to continue?

Who in their right mind would think it is ok to walk through a resting place of our loved ones and trash treasured mementos?

Have you that little going on in your life that this is what you get a thrill out of? Do you not have anyone to love you or that you love that could not make you understand how what you have done is not ok?

Had you had a drink when you did this?

Had you taken something that made your tiny little brain think that it was ok to walk through sleeping places and smash vases up, throw mementoes around and stamp on loved ones items? How would you like it if this was reciprocated in your home? I’m guessing that you wouldn’t.

I’m not even angry. We have nothing down at our daughter’s places that is irreplaceable – we know that this can happen, we know that the weather can destroy things, that’s exactly why we don’t keep anything irreplaceable down there – but others do and I’m so sad for them. This wasn’t the weather though – this was different. It was so obvious that things had been stamped on and kicked so hard that they’d smashed – we can replace them though, remember that. You can’t replace your tiny little empty thoughtless mind though can you? Or change that pathetic, shitty personality of yours that made you do this in the first place?

You are just a piece of nothing, you’re worthless. If this is what you get your joy out of in your life, trashing cemeteries, you don’t deserve a kind word said about you.

Grief only makes you tougher, that’s why I’m not upset about what you’ve done. I’m just sad that our daughter’s resting place has been interrupted by a no mark like you .

Karma. I believe in that. You’ll get yours.

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