Trying something new

Seriously, how hard is it to try something utterly out of your comfort zone? Well, I’ve been doing just that for the past 10 days and I’m loving it.

I’ve been working with a fabulous Personal Trainer called Sarah (otherwise known as Squatbot) and I didn’t expect to be doing any of what I’m doing.. Weights! I mean proper weight work, I’ve never done anything like this before. Many of you know, I like to run when I have the time, I like going to the gym (normally just cardio) and I love to swim (when time let’s me) but weights … a totally new concept to me and one that I did not think I would enjoy! But I could not have been more wrong.

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I am genuinely surprised at the fact I am loving it and it’s partly because I’ve realised I’m actually stronger than I originally thought I was (thanks to Leo and Asher being mini Hulks) and that my trainer Sarah is really easy to work with and she totally pushes me.

One of the best things about doing this too, is that’s it’s getting me up and out of bed first thing in the morning and I absolutely love it! I’ve finally got more hours in the day and I’m feeling so much more energised and with a lot clearer head. My 7am workouts have been having a great effect on how I feel the rest of the day and it’s totally what I need at the moment.

What has stunned me the most about this type of training is the concentration that it entails. When you see videos of people lifting weights, it looks so easy. What you don’t see is what is going on in their head … where do I place my hands? Are my feet wide enough apart, is my back straight enough, are my knees locked too much … so many questions to ask yourself before you can actually make that lift or push that weight.

Sarah has been teaching me how to use weights and machines safely and I think that makes a considerable difference to getting what you want from your workout.

Once you’re learning how to do things right, your confidence levels start to rise.

I’ve not weighed myself this week because I know that weight training effects your weight differently than just doing a normal diet. I’m still following Weight Watchers but eating a little more protein than what I would normally have been, so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

I already feel like my clothes are fitting a little better and I can really feel muscles working that I’ve never felt working before.

I even attempted a home workout that Sarah set me over the weekend and I got to get Asher and Leo involved too… turns out that young children make fabulous weights when squatting.

This machine looked very scary to me but not long after I took this photo, I was pushing 113kgs with my legs that apparently for a newbie is a bit of alright. 😀

If we avoid everything that we are scared of though, none of us would ever experience anything new would we?

I’m training with Sarah in Heald Green at the moment, take a look at her website for more details of how to book in for a free consultation or some sessions. X

Check out another mummy’s gym journey over at my blogger friends, Parenting Phils 😀

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