Messy Monkeys Giveaway

We struggled a lot taking Leo to any baby classes after Millie passed because I was so anxious about everything at home that Leo could get his hands on – never mind everything possible at a class that he could get his hands on.

But we did try one and we found one that we all truly loved and it turned out to be amazing for us and Leo, the class was Messy Monkeys.

As you can see Leo certainly got in the spirit during these classes and always had to have a bath in a bucket at the end of the class.

Letting Leo attend these classes was a huge step for us and they really helped Leo be around other children of his own age and they really helped us overcome some of our anxieties of having Leo in another environment other than our home.

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With this in mind, guess who is going to be attending soon, you got it, our other gorgeous little man, Asher!

I’m sure that Asher will love the classes as much as Leo did and we will love taking him to them and we can’t wait to see the team that run Messy Monkeys again as they are fabulously friendly and fantastic with children.

So in conjunction with Asher starting these classes soon, we are joining Messy Monkeys South Manchester in a giveaway!

When Leo turned 1, we threw him a Messy Monkeys party and everyone (including the parents absolutely loved it) – so that’s what we are going to give away! A party worth £140 and I promise you will all have a fabulous time!

Click here to enter to win a Messy Monkeys South Manchester Party

If you’d like to check out Messy Monkeys Classes in South Manchester, take a look here.

Attending a messy monkeys session is a great way for your child to explore freely and creatively, encountering different materials and textures in a relaxed environment. Free and creative play is an essential part of a child’s learning process, messy monkeys  classes focus on activities you wouldn’t normally encourage at home…we clean up the mess so your walls, carpets and sofas are safe from grubby little paws!”

Source: Messy Monkeys South Manchester Website

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Terms & Conditions

1.Party is worth £140 inclusive of all materials used on the day and of course all of the tidying up! Venue hire, food, party bags etc are not included.

2. Party Organiser will travel a one hour (roughly 40 miles) travelling distance of one hour from Heaton Mersey, Stockport (please google your postcode from here to work out travel details)

3. Party is valid from 12 months from announcement of winner

4. One prize only

5. No monetary exhange is available

6. Competition ends 17th April 2018

7. Winner will be announced and contacted 18th April 2018

8. Winner must claim prize within 28 days of contact from Same Person Different Me or you will forfeit your prize and it will be drawn again.

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