A civil case

We’ve got a little bit of news to share with you and it’s with a very emotional heart that we have decided to share this with you.

Following Millie’s Inquest ending in December 2013, Dan and I decided to pursue a civil case over what happened to Millie. We decided to keep this from the public because it was private to Dan and I as a family. To be honest, even very few family and friends know that we have been doing this, so this will be a little shock to some of those reading this.

Many people thought that we stopped everything after the Inquest but we didn’t as we wanted to feel as though we achieved a little bit of justice about what happened to Millie and to feel that we fought for her, we know as parents that you will no doubt understand this.

Unfortunately we will never know exactly what happened to Millie that day and as a parent that is completely heart breaking. What we do know is that we dropped of our perfectly healthy precious daughter at Ramillies Hall Nursery to be looked after, and never saw her alive again.

We have decided the time is right now to talk because the civil proceedings have been going on for many years behind closed doors now and unfortunately we are now heading towards a trial in the summer of this year.

As Millie’s parents we genuinely believe that more could have been done for Millie when she started to choke on her lunch and we will never stop believing that. We believe that Millie received minimal first aid treatment from the staff at the nursery and she was then held and given no CPR before the ambulance arrived.

Dan and I sadly watched CCTV footage of Millie being taken to the ambulance, footage that the jury at the Coroner’s Inquest didn’t get to see. On this CCTV, to Dan and I, Millie looks like a rag doll and we believe that before this point that Millie should have been receiving CPR as she had symptoms of not breathing normally at this point.

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Throughout the years that we have been pursuing the civil case, we have often been in positions where we have felt pressurised to drop Millie’s case and believe me, we have been so depressed about it all that at some stages we nearly have; but we pulled through and fought our own mental health illnesses to continue for our Millie.

We have continually felt as though the nursery had a lack of respect for us as a family, starting with the fact that they chose to keep the nursery open the day after Millie died there, as though it was business as usual and we have had to have the police involved to stop relatives of staff working there spreading rumours about Millie the day she passed away and us as a family.

This is one of the hardest things that we have ever had to write about in a long time because we never thought that we would talk about it but with the impending public trial- we feel it’s the right time for us.

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We would like to thank you all for your support to us since Millie passed away and we hope to continue to have your support going forward.

Joanne & Dan Thompson (Millie’s mummy & daddy) xxx

With thanks to Rozita Hussain Solicitors.

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45 thoughts on “A civil case

  1. Rachel

    Couldn’t agree more, your beautiful girl should have been given CPR until Emergency services arrived and staff should have had the knowledge to administer necessary first aid for a choking child! As a child care practitioner and a parent myself I was saddened to see the nursery open the day after and the lack of care Millie received, totally heartbreaking. Try stay strong for your angel, fight for what you believe – you are doing fantastic. Thoughts and support to you xx

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  2. Justine Jackson

    You deserve to have justice for Millie, for you both and all your family, the ripples travel far.
    I think you are both amazing and the work you do is incredible, wishing you lots of positive energy going forward with the public trial.

    With love 😇

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  3. Sylvia

    You have done amazingly since you lost your darling daughter. Only someone who has lost a child can know what that does to you. I have not lost a child so cannot know what you have been through.
    I have lost a brother through medical negligence, all we wanted was the truth, but like you I had to fight to get the justice my brother and his family needed, it took me 3 long years to get it, we did not have to go to court in the end but was prepared to.
    Good luck to you both you so need this to give you some sort of closure.
    Love to you both and keep up the fantastic work you do.

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  4. Good luck Joanne and Dan – Millie deserves justice in her own right, but, I firmly believe as a family of 5 plus 1 fur puppy you all deserve justice – I will be routing for you all. Hugs from the North East 💙💙💙💕💗

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  5. Samantha butler

    I’ve followed your story from the beginning and have felt the loss myself from looking at pictures of Millie on your page. I’ve read posts from you at your darkest hours and little things from you not wanting to go to Tesco, going for your jogs in the evening to millies resting place and even lay awake with thinking of you saying you can’t sleep yourself. I cuddled my baby (who’s now 6) extra tight during exhausting sleepless nights because you told us to on your page and to be grateful that he’s still waking up. You’ve been a strong beacon for so many mum’s probably without realising as you grieve for Millie. Now get her and yourselves justice!!! And remember every time you feel like giving up or discouraged, the innocent ones in all of this is your family. Fight for Millie and others just like her. Good luck, you’re amazing xxx

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    1. Joanna King

      I have a January 2012 baby too and like Samantha, I’ve held her closer and given her those extra kisses with you, Dan and Millie in my mind. Samantha is absolutely right, you have given so many of us strength when we’ve had tough days as I hope you have gained strength from all of us who are here with you, willing you along. I’m absolutely in awe of you and Dan and what you have achieved in Millie’s name, keep going, we’re all with you xx

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  6. EMma

    Good luck to you both .
    I pray you get the justice you deserve and what Mille is owed ….
    It’s sad that you continually have to fight this battle though, the negligent people involved should have held their hands up at the time …
    What little respect they have shown to you and Millie’s memory is truly heartbreaking and just show the level of people who must have worked there at the time that they could even face work the next day after what they witnessed with beautiful Millie ..
    I truly hop the our justice system swings to you ….. xxxx

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  7. Chantelle

    Keep fighting gmfor justice for your beautiful girl ! Two amazing strong people who deserve the justice for such huge heart breaking grief .sending you peace ,love and hope xx

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  8. Hazel Jenks

    You must continue your fight to get justice for Millie and to ensure it never happens to any other families. I am a mum who has left my children in the care of a nursery and also a nurse and I have followed your story from the beginning. Please do not give up hope and your fight. You are truly an inspiration and your charity work at Millie’s Trust to raise awareness and teach First Aid & Millie’s Mark is not only a legacy to your precious daughter but has no doubt saved many lives. Nothing will ever bring Millie back or heal your pain and suffering but it may bring closure knowing how hard you fought for her. Keep up your good work ❤❤❤

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  9. Danielle

    Reading about what happened to beautiful Millie hurts truly my heart. I wish you all the very best , you have shown such great strength and are making Millie proud. Keep fighting x

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  10. Lindsay

    Absolutely keep fighting for your precious girl. Lessons need to be learned! You, Dan and all of Millie’s Trust do an amazing job of raising awareness and helping to prevent other parents going through what you all have to xxx


  11. Sara

    Hopefully you will get the answers you deserve. Keep fighting you have thousands of us out here supporting everything you do in Millie’s memory. Sending you lots of love and support

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  12. Carol

    Any parent should do the same your precious daughter should have been treated with more dignity only you can fight her corner. Good luck she would be proud if you.xx

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  13. Andrea Parker

    My heart goes out to you, I am so glad that you have both found the strength within you to continue this fight for justice for you precious little girl.

    I wish you both luck (if that’s the right word) for the trial and happiness for your future as a family. Xxx

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  14. Kim

    I wish you all the best in pursuing this case. Nothing can bring your beautiful daughter back but it is imperative lessons are learned from this tragedy in order to prevent, as far as possible, other children suffering the same fate. Good luck. Xxx

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  15. Katy

    Joanne and Dan, I totally admire you both so much. I think it’s totally despicable that the nursery stayed open on that fateful day, putting aside everything else where was the respect & dignity that Millie deserved on that day?????? Unbelievable.
    Keep fighting for justice for your beautiful daughter xxx

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  16. Mona Lawrence

    You both have come along way since you lost your beautiful baby girl,and I’m sure you will continue to fight for your baby what happened to Millie on that terrible day needs to be dealt with so you can have some sort of closure, you will never forget your baby and why should you , she’s part of you both and will always be in your hearts , but you need to try and remember Millie how she was before that dreadful soul destroying day , I wish you all the luck and sincere love in the world, god bless you all 💙❤ xxxxx

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  17. Fleur B

    I often see you and Dan at Millie’s resting place when I am there. I lost my husband to cancer also in 2013. I have followed your blogs and although different a lot of your dark posts so resonated with me. Grief is a hard and lonely road to travel.
    I have so much admiration for you both and how you have soldiered on in such sad circumstances. You have created an amazing legacy in ‘Millie’s Trust’ which no doubt has save countless numbers of children’s lives ensuring that Millie did not die in vain that fateful day and will always be remembered.
    I sincerely hope that this pending trail will bring you the justice you deserve for your family and darling daughter.
    Sending you love by the bucket load

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  18. Melanie Allen

    As parents we have to do what is right for our children,no matter what! You and Dan should stand tall knowing that this is what you are doing for lovely Millie and stay true to yourselves. May you finally get the outcome Millie and you all deserve. Love n hugs xx

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  19. Sonia Bhard-Raich

    My father passed away whilst travelling back at an airport in a third world country (India) whilst travelling back to the UK. Nobody could identify that he was having a stroke/heart attack although it was evidently clear on the CCTV footage. Eventually, whilst half dying, my father was forced to get up and was walked into a nursing room. A airport staff member gave him a glass of water. All the things that you aren’t meant to do!! The exertion finished him off. There was no first aid facility or equipment at the airport and no one knew what do as clearly no one had any form of first aid training. By the time ambulance arrived he was already dead. I would do anything to change the law or implement training in that airport if not that country. However, i was facing a corrupt system that wouldn’t even accept liability that he had passed away on airport grounds!

    I have followed you from day one. You and Dan are amazing. You have achieved so much in your grief and are in inspiration to us all. Keep going and keep reaching out to people By changing the law and spreading awareness through Millie’s mark, you have saved god knows how many more fatalities from occurring.

    Wish you all the luck in your proceedings xxx

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  20. Caroline

    God bless you both.. You are absolutely in your rights to pursue your civil case.. I find it appaling that they remained open the following day.. & that they tried to smear your family and poor innocent Millie.. I wonder how the other parents felt leaving their children in their care.. I know I couldn’t..
    You & Dan have suffered terribly & still are.. You deserve answers to ALL of your questions and I pray that you will get them through whatever means available to you.. Even if it does need to go to trial.
    Walk tall you two.. You have done yourselves and Millie proud for the past 5 & a half years.. at great emotional cost… I wish you all the best of love and luck xx

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