Baby Mule Changing Bag Review

We’ve recently been testing out the Babymule Original Baby Changing Bag and here’s our thoughts. Originally we had just taken to using the changing bag that we had with Leo but it was looking a

We’ve recently been testing out the Babymule Original Baby Changing Bag and here’s our thoughts.

Originally we had just taken to using the changing bag that we had with Leo but it was looking a little tired so it was great to get our hands on a brand new fresh design that was sent for me to review.

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Firstly, it looks great (opinion of both my mummy and daddy). I can’t see that Dan would be that comfortable carrying around a girlie changing bag of my choice but he was very happy with this one. A smart rucksack type looking bag that we tested out in black with little hints of red. (More colours available here) , there are some gorgeous colours available, my personal favourite being the teal colour, beautiful!

The best thing that I loved about this bag was that you could wear it as a rucksack (perfect for walking with) or it adapts to a messenger type bag or you can hang from your pram with special clips included. To have the adaptability in a changing bag like this is fantastic to ensure that it works on all your family adventures.

Below you can see Dan rocking the bag as a rucksack and hanging from the pram as I pushed it around the zoo. It is extremely Versatile and I love the fact that you aren’t restricted to the messenger bag like a lot of baby changing bags on the market. We often don’t have the pram with us or don’t want it hanging from the pram and this is the perfect choice for us. Neither of us had any issues when wearing the bag, the padded straps actually made it rather comfortable to wear. I actually find wearing the bag as rucksack the best for me as it means that I have two free hands for my little ones and it’s out of the way and not hanging by my side; also works well like this if you are also wearing baby!

Changing from messenger to backpack is extremely simple and you aren’t left with any loose straps hanging around as they all pack back into the bag ensuring it stays looking sleek. I love this because I cannot cope with unnecessary bits hanging off bags and like everything to be neat and tidy when out and about.

The bag has two main compartments for all those things apart from the kitchen sink that we take out with us and they are very spacious. We found the bag had plenty of room (22 litres) for all Asher’s baby things (nappies, milk, numerous outfits, wipes etc), also coping with what we needed to take out for our three old toddler Leo too and plenty of left over room for toys for both of them and of mummy’s purse and phone!

Pockets, pockets and more pockets! I love them all! Lots of pockets for lots of essential things that we pick up on our adventures and travels like stones and sticks and acorns!

I found that there is a really handy zip compartment on the side of the bag that is just big enough to pop in my phone, keys, a bit of cash and my inhaler – everything that I need to hand without having to dig through the main sections in the bag under the mountains of bits that come with our little ones – trust me, this is a blessing in disguise when you have two young ones with you!

Below you can see a couple more well designed compartments attached to the bag itself…

First up is the small insulated changing pouch which we found is an ideal size to store about 5 nappies in and a full size pack of wipes alongside a neatly folded onesie, perfect for those times when you need a quick change and need everything to hand quickly. In the back of it also fits a decent sized (56cm x 34cm) changing mat which for an added bonus for little bums is padded so makes it that little it comfier for them.

The best bit … drum roll please … a lined wet bag! Yes, somewhere to finally put messy/wet clothing/muslins/bins separately instead of being thrown in with the rest of the stuff or having to remember (which I always forget) to put in a separate carrier bag! The photo above I took before I used it when it looked all lovely and new straight out of the bag but I can genuinely say that it has been used on plenty of occasions now to store unsavoury soiled clothing and the odd bits of rubbish when we haven’t been able to find a bin straight away.

What can I say, it’s a great piece of baby kit and at around £89 to purchase, it’s not the cheapest of bags or the most expensive but it is definitely worth the purchase as it looks great, has plenty of storage and is machine washable (one of my favourite things in baby products 😀).

I think that Babymule have hit a niche market here with their design, the fact that it has appealability to dads as well as keeping mum happy that she can get everything from her handbag in too allows couples to choose this bag together and ensure that both are happy to carry it around.

The changing bag has become a good looking add on to all our days out whether that be a trip to the shops, the zoo or the park!

When you purchase the changing bag itself it includes the following;

1 x Babymule Original changing bag in Black

1 x Separate insulated changing pouch with short carry handle. Holds 5-8 nappies or 3 cloth nappies and wipes. Also doubles as a cool bag for carrying toddlers snacks

1 x padded change mat 56centimeter x 34 centimeter

1 x lined wet bag in a handy zippered purse

1 x Neoprene bottle insulator with carry strap.

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Happy Shopping!

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