Running, yay or no?

Do you run? Have you tried? Would you like to? I’d love to hear your thoughts …

I’m not a natural runner, far from it but I don’t half enjoy it once I start and really get into it again.

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The timing of runs have never bothered me, I just like to keep going and I’ve recently been working on an endurance phase with my lovely personal trainer Squatbot.

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Now with Squatbot, I’ve been lifting and doing a hell of a lot of weight work and less Cardio than I have ever done before but I love it! I absolutely love lifting weights and becoming stronger, so much stronger than I’ve ever been before and the endurance phase is definitely going to help when I do the Yorkshire Three Peaks in September!

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Just to mix it up a little, we’ve just added running into my training! Now tonight I went on just my second run since I and Asher but you know what I loved it. The reason I loved it was that I kept going – I ran 40 minutes straight with absolutely no stopping! I’m so chuffed with that as I didn’t expect it all.

To be honest, I was dreading it! Although I’m hitting some great weights in the gym, I didn’t know how I was going to do with the run but my legs felt so strong! I’ve still got my mum tum jiggling away but we are working on that and I will be happy to be in a good place with that issue in another 6 months I reckon!

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So Squatbot decided to add a run into my schedule this week and this morning when my phone pinged to tell me that I needed to go, I was saying to myself, I’ll go later, I’ll go later … then it got to 6.45pm and I thought I need to go as I felt guilty! Made to feel guilty by own bloody phone! How hilarious is that! Anyway it made me go and I’m so glad I did and I can’t wait to head off again later in the week!

How do you feel about running? Yay or No ?

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