Millie’s Trust


My husband and I established Millie’s Trust when we tragically lost our daughter during a choking incident when she was at nursery at just 9 months old in October 2012.

We didn’t want her passing to be in vain and we wanted to do something long lasting in her memory, this became Millie’s Trust ( Registered charity number 1151410 )

To donate to Millie’s Trust – please use the following link

To find our more about Millie’s Trust, please visit

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  1. Today the little boy I look after began choking on his dinner, immediately I grabbed him out his high chair and gave him back slaps, after what seemed like a lifetime the food came back at and he was fine and laughing away! So grateful for Millies trust for everything you do to raise awareness of children’s first aid! Millie was looking down on my today
    Lots of love

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