I kinda got this feeling that I’m a little bit in love,
With a little gentle coaxing from my angel high above,
I feel her presence here and it makes me feel alright,
That I can love her little bro and just squeeze him oh so tight.
Whilst cooking in my belly, I had these pangs of awful guilt,
That I’d never be able to love and my feelings they’d just wilt.
But the inevitable it happened when I saw his little eyes,
And now I can’t bare to let him go when I hear his unique cries.
His lovely little smile as I tickle his small feet,
But it gets me every time that my kids, they will not meet.
I swear that she has been here when Leo lies awake night,
It’s a feeling of security and never one of fright.
The fear of love it scared me, that I wouldn’t want him here,
But now he is so real, I always want him near.
You can’t predict the future and you cannot change the past.
Life is here for living, so let’s live it with a blast xxx

Love mummy x

Me & My Kids

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  1. I love this post so much. I see so many parents who have an angel child whose smiles try and mask the pain, but their eyes give their true feelings away. Since Leo was born I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the genuine happiness and love on your faces.
    You guys are amazing and so inspirational. Millie must be with you x

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