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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been introducing Leo to books, reading to him and letting him play with the books, our current one that he likes is Five Little Ducklings (at the moment, he

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been introducing Leo to books, reading to him and letting him play with the books, our current one that he likes is Five Little Ducklings (at the moment, he likes to put his fingers through the holes in the pages, but he does sit and listen intently as I’m reading to him). 

I was the same with Millie, I have always wanted my kids to read as much as I did and still do and even after Millie passed away, we still carried on reading to her down at her resting place.

As a kid growing up I would read anything. I remember my grandad Arthur laughing at me when I was about 6 or 7 years old because I used to go in their house and pick up a newspaper to read and lie in front of the fire reading it whilst all the adults talked. Not long after, my Grandad introduce me to Readers Digest and I couldn’t get enough of them, haha. Sounds kind of funny writing about that now, a 7 year old child with a like for Readers Digest – not exactly the normal target market for them.

I’ve always loved reading and writing and read through everything possible at my old primary school, I was always one of the first children to hit the higher reading awards that they had going on within the school.

When I was younger I was in the book club at the library where I grew up and I actually used to enjoy picking a book and then writing a review on it! I won reviewer of the month there quite a few times. I hope Leo enjoys doing things like this as he gets older.

I’m as bad for it now, this week I have bought another three to read; I went in for just the one … Whoops (see photo below). One of them I have read in just a day – once I start to read I can’t stop.  

My three this week were a varied choice but did include a survivor memoir and the new Harper Lee book, which I’m quite excited to read ( for those of you that don’t know, Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mocking Bird) – some schools have it on their reading list – I read it for fun. This one in particular, I am looking forward to reading to find out what happened to the characters from To Kill a Mocking Bird.

I am a complete sucker for a good old book though. You know what I mean, a real paper book that ends up in tatters because it’s been read so often. Mine normally end up like this because I read in the bath and they often get wet and ….  I’m also a page folder, I know, I know, some of you absolutely hate that, but I’m not a bookmark fan as it’s just something else for me to lose … And then I lose my page… And then I get annoyed. Much easier to fold the page 😁

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do have a kindle and it does come on holiday with me. In fact, the reason that Dan bought it me was because he was trying to stop me going over our luggage limit for our honeymoon by taking mountains of books with me – but it still hasn’t replaced my “real book” fetish.

This is going to disappoint some of you, but I do have a totally bad habit, I do, quite often, read the last chapter of the book before the first 🙈. I do not know how or when I developed this awful habit but my head likes to know the ending and then likes to see how we end up there. I know. Awful of me.

Hopefully I won’t pass this bad habit onto Leo.

Reading has always been something I can do on my own, sit in a corner, read on a bus, train or plane, under the covers … I can be a bit of a loner sometimes and I don’t mind that, I never have. I quite like my own company, even better with a good book.

Reading (along with writing) helped me get through our tough times after we lost Millie. Sometimes it would be a choice of fiction to put me in another, easier world other times it would be a self help book or memoir to help me try to understand what we were going through, to know that we weren’t alone. I never actually found a book that I can say really helped us, I actually struggled to find one to help us as there just didn’t seem to be anything out there that we fit into.

Leo will always have books around him, just like Millie would have had. Some will be educational but most I hope will be fun, as I want it to become a pastime that he can enjoy, not one that he would rather forget. I don’t want him to grow up thinking that reading is just something you do at/for school because he’ll miss out on so many wonderful books.

If you have any recommendations of books that I myself could read or any that you could recommend for us to read to Leo, please do feel free to leave us a comment 😀

Over at Millie’s Trust, we are actually giving a very special book away. It is a copy of the brand new KATY by Jacqueline Wilson and it is signed by her. To be in with a chance of winning, head on over to the Millie’s Trust Facebook page to enter and be quick before Leo claims it.😀

Competition closes 1st August 2015 at 7pm

Thank you to Simply Books in Bramhall for donating the prize.

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  1. I share your love of reading also Joanne and I am a passionate reader of bedtime stories to my two girls. Some of my fav reading at present is your beautifully written blog. We love Julia Donaldson books in our house, Room on a Broom and Gruffalo are a must! Take care and keep blogging xx

  2. Hi Joanne

    I love reading & I love reading to my girls. Our fav author is Dr Seuss, we have his entire collection, he is just an amazing children’s author, Green Eggs and Ham & One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish are amongst our favourites to read. I’m sure little Leo would love to hear these, along with beautiful Millie at her resting place xxx

  3. Two books bough for my little girls first birthday, both Julia Donaldson, were Toddle Waddle and Goat goes to playgroup. Lily loves them and insists we read them most days x

  4. Hello Jo, I really enjoy your blog….you can tell you have been an avid reader all your life as your writing is so succinct and powerful. Your love of books, I am sure will be shared by Leo just keep him away from the iPad !😂😂😂 (constant source of angst in our house! I am sure parents everywhere battle with iPad vs Reading) 😀

    I would love to share with you a book by Simon James ‘Baby Brains. The Smartest Baby In The Whole World’ it’s so lovely, cute and funny, but with a little message in it for grown ups. It’s been a favourite in our house for years, our copy is all curled at the corners, just how a book should be. I hope you enjoy reading it as a family, maybe at Millie’s resting place. Keep blogging 😀

    1. Ooh, I’ll have a look for it!
      Oh no, the IPAD will be banned! Real Books are the best way to read. IPAD will be strictly limited use only when he realises what it is x

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