Happy Half Birthday 

Today Leo is 6 months old … How did that happen? This year has flown by so fast. The past 6 months have been so hard, but we are getting there and believe it or

Today Leo is 6 months old … How did that happen? This year has flown by so fast. The past 6 months have been so hard, but we are getting there and believe it or not, having some fun along the way.

If you would have told me when I was pregnant that I would feel like this, I would have told you that you were so wrong. 
If you would have told me how strong we were going to be, I would have told you that you must be a little delusional.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been so so hard in the past 6 months. You have all the “Normal” mummy and daddy worries and then we have a million extra worries and  extra paranoia because of what happened to Millie.

With Millie, she was in her own room (next door to ours) at around 7 weeks because she was rocking the Moses basket so hard that we were frightened that she was going to rock herself out of it and we felt safer with her in her own cot. At the time and with Millie that is what suited us. 

With Leo, it’s been different. We moved Leo into his own room towards the end of May, so around 4 months old – except we made the decision to sleep in his room with him. So work schedules have dictated who has slept in Leo’s room with him. Being in there with him has just made us feel safer, we’ve followed the “6 month advisory guidelines” with newborns this time – we wouldn’t have felt ok without doing so. 

This is completely a parental choice and you do whatever is best for you – as you can see, we have used two different options as to what suited us for each situation.

So today is 6 months. Which is the date we decided that it is time for him to be in his room alone. 

So scary. 

So tonight, back in my own bed, I am probably going to sleep worse than I have ever done on the fold out uncomfy bed in Leo’s room that I have slept on for the majority of 2 months! 

We definitely know it’s time though because Leo is sleeping through all night and it’s us that he is waking up by kicking the slats on his cot. So little Leo has been having long comfy leisurely sleeps during the night for the past few weeks and we’ve been like Yo Yos in and out of bed moving him away from the slats all night and to be honest I think every time I turn over in bed, it’s me waking him up now not the other way around. 

He is a completely fully established belly sleeper now! About a month or so ago, he started to turn over during his sleep and it has definitely become his preferred position to sleep in, just like Millie. 😀 .

(Millie asleep)

(Leo asleep)

Every day is still a constant battle and I think it always will be. I know, well actually, I don’t know, I hope, that it’s going to get better as Leo gets older. There’s still a few big milestones to get through over the next few months with Leo, 

Passing Millie’s age when she left us

Our first anniversary of Millie’s passing where we have had Leo with us 

His first Christmas

His first birthday

First steps, first words – it’s all going to be tough but we know that we have been through so much that we will get through it. 

This week, Leo has graduated to his new car seat 😀. Following the new Isize Guidelines has meant that we were able to move Leo into a new seat – he so needed this.

Check out his test drive on the sofa!

Now, as you may be able to see in the photograph below, we have actually been able to get Leo a car seat that can stay rear facing until he is 15 months old; which is exactly what we wanted. Being as safety conscious as we are, even more so after Millie’s passing, we opted for one of this style. We wanted to keep him rear facing for as long as possible – and this car seat will enable us to do that, which has not necessarily been the case in the past. I am not going to discuss previous standard guidelines as new standard guidelines have been released which currently run alongside the existing R44/04 Standards but will eventually replace it in the forseeable future, in my opinion (obviously you may think differently) it’s probably better to buy an I-sizing seat if you can on your next purchase. They can be used in most cars the have IsoFix Fittings, which have been standard in most cars since 2007.  

(Looks a little grumpy here doesn’t he? I promise that he like his new car seat really)

For more information on I-sizing click here 

Source:  http://www.maxi-cosi.com/car-seats/car-seat-safety/car-seat-laws-and-regulations/what-is-i-size.aspx

A lot of people still get confused with regards to child car seats and safety belts, the Think Direct website is a great place to start looking for information. 

And then we have the weaning issue. 

We just aren’t ready yet, we’ve still got a few issues to deal with in relation to that and until we are 100% comfortable with everything, we just can’t do it.

It’s surprising how many people are still shocked when we get asked if Leo is being weaned yet and we say no, most people assume that he is. 

We don’t think we are far off starting to wean him and again 6 months for weaning is just a guideline. With Millie, we began her weaning at 14 weeks as that’s what we decided on, this time, for obvious reasons things are different.

I am under absolutely no impression at all  that starting to wean Leo later than usual is going to hinder his development at all – he’ll catch up when he is good and ready. I’m not worrying about things like that – I’ve got other things to worry about right now and that isn’t one of them.

We’ve got things on our mind at the moment, something in particular that I’m not ready to discuss but I will when it’s over in a couple of weeks time. At the moment, distraction is the biggest key for us, as distraction keeps our minds from wandering. 

As mentioned in a previous blog, we are soon to be in that period of year that we don’t deal with very well, so we need to keep busy, to have a lot of distraction and September is certainly a busy month for us and that’s a good thing. A huge thing happening is that I turn 30 in September – that’s enough distraction in itself for anyone. 😀 Some people dread turning 30, I’m not, I’m going to embrace it and look forward to the future.

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  1. It struck me how much Leo looked like Millie in the photo of him “test driving” his new car set on the sofa!!! Lovely little boy.

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