Brave Mummy

My mummy was brave today. She took this photo of me after she was brave.   


Today I am 8 months and 21 days old and this is the first time that mummy has put me in a highchair and let me have some food in it – I ate Puréed Parsnips and I loved them. It took her 8 months and 10days to actually let me just sit in my highchair, you can read about that here.

My mummy was crying the whole time though, I’m not sure why, maybe it was because I wasn’t sharing them with her;  although I did try and throw some back at her that I had in my hand 😀.

I love my mummy. I know she was brave today.

Love Leo xxx

22 thoughts on “Brave Mummy

  1. Julie peers

    ypu have come so far from your dark days when you probably never thought you’d laugh and smile again. Millie’s baby brotherLeo has changed all that God bless her . Keep taking those steps. Your both amazing xxx

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  2. Julie Royle

    Well done to your brave mummy Leo that was a massive step for her and a new first for you. You will be the one that helps mummy to continue to be brave. Leo you look so much like your big sister Millie she will be very proud of her mummy too.
    sending love to you and your mummy and daddy xxxx

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  3. Julie Coldwell

    Leo what a brave mummy you have. It must have taken a lot of courage for her to let you have pureed parsnip. I hope you enjoyed it and Im sure chucking some at mummy will help to make her smile.

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  4. stephaniefisher2013

    Ah Leo what a brave mummy you have! Hope you loved the puréed parsnip! Joanne- what a big step! You really are amazing! I really hope it gets easier each time you feed Leo in his chair Xxx

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  5. Stella egan

    Wow!, what a massive step this is Joanne well done!, you’re a very brave mummy today. Leo that high chair suits you baba boy, may there be many more food fights to come xxx

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