Help me mummy, I’m stuck! 

You know when you have one of those “ooh, I’m a mean parent” moments … Well I’ve definitely had one of those today 😂 Leo got himself into a little situation and I keeled over laughing my head off whilst my poor little boy was stuck …

Now to make me feel even worse, once I had rescued him, I called Dan after I’d sent the photo to him and he responded with “oh yes, he did the same thing last week – except I rescued him and didn’t take a photo”  

1 nil to daddy 🎈

So it got me thinking and I asked you guys about your “before rescue” pics and you really have come up trumps… Here is a great little selection that you sent me ..

Julian’s little boy here seems to have got himself into a little pickle during a car journey 😀

Now Katy’s little girl’s face just melts my heart, she looks so sorry for herself when she got a toy drumkit stuck around her neck



This little one’s mum Kelly hopes this next photo is not an indication of her daughter’s future driving skills! 

Laura’s little girl fell through a ladder and couldn’t get up …

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Doesn’t everyone want to get to the bottom of the toy box? Debbie’s boy did … So much so that after she rescued him, he went and got himself stuck again 😂

And one last one … Except Chantelle’s little man doesn’t mine to seem falling in a bush X

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Millie’s at it again xxx

This week is an amazingly emotional week… Back to school things everywhere I go and in every magazine that I open and I keep spontaneously bursting into tears, then we get a message like this and I burst into tears again…because this is why we do what we do in memory of Millie. 

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“🎀Thank you millie🎀. Hi my name is (anon) attended one of your courses, after leaving that course with all my first aid knowledge that day never did I ever think I would have to put it into real life practice, let alone twice in one week, my Lord I have been tested, firstly on Monday after a lovely day with my daughter niece and nephew we was having lunch nothing out of the ordinary my nephew who is 10 came in with 2cherry tomatoes eating one and finishing it he then from nowhere through the other one up in the air and caught it in his mouth and yes as you have guessed it slid down and he began to choke panic set in for him and he was gagging sweating running around gasping for breath trying to get water, my mother in law followed him in not realising the severity of it was parting his back saying it will come up, I then realised how bad it was went into the kitchen and put everything I was taught that day into action,thank you Mille you help me save my nephews life the words I never thought I would say. He was over the kitchen sink with it lodged so I put my hand under his chin opening airway and did a big back slap…,. Nothing then I thought right it’s only going to hurt but what the hell so after asking my mother in law to ring and ambulance I hit him twice as hard between the shoulders and out it call, the can imagine ther relief, he was very shocked and upset but I can say he life was saved. Took us all a while to get our heads around it. Thank goodness all was ok … (Keep reading, there is more to this story) 


Then tonight Friday, enjoying a drink I the local pub there was a elderly man who missed the step and fell hitting his head full force into a table and smashing his glasses into his face, I went into assist him with again with any knowledge I had m, he had a big deep gash under his eye it was pouring with blood, the man was 74 years old I put dressing on and applied pressure to it to stem the bleeding keeping him talking and ringing a ambulance he was ok in himself just little shocked I was with him 30mins till the ambulance arrived to take over. We kept him talking put him in the recovery position put his head on a pillow and a light blanket in his legs as he was near a door, I stemmed the blood and as the paramedics arrived they said they was very impressed with the first aid we had given and what we had done we gave them all the info they needed. All this in the space of a few days!!!! Well I can honestly say few years ago I would have shied away from helping in situations well not no more thanks to Millie Thompson, I’m no angel or blowing my own trumpet I just wanted you all to know your daughter has helped me help others and save a life and fm for that in utterly thankful. I pray that’s it for me I had my fill of scary situation but if I had to do it again I will just remember what Millie taught me X X sorry for long message but just had to let you know”

   Yes, I’m not sat here crying after reading this, honestly xxx

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Making Memories

One of the best things about having little ones is their ability to make you laugh out loud even when they are not actually with you …

      This week I went to pay for something at the shop and instead of pulling money out of my pocket … Stones 😂. I didn’t just laugh, the lady behind the counter did too! For some reason though, she didn’t want to accept the stones as payment, I’m not sure why… 😉.

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It didn’t stop there, yesterday I wanted to write an envelope in the office and put my hand in my hoodie to pull a pen out and out I pulled a big piece of bark … Cue big grin from me … I can’t help it.


They make me smile even more because they trigger memories , I know the stones were from Bruntwood Park when we were there last week ( apologies Bruntwood!) and the piece of bark was from a farm that we visited late last week in Stockport! 

I love making memories with Leo and I cherish them all and I cherish every memory we have of Millie too, no one can ever take those away from us and most days now, those memories make us smile, not cry like we used to.

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Memories don’t have to cost a fortune to make, not at all. Most of my favourite ones involve visiting parks and running around or lying on the cushions at home on the floor reading books to Leo whilst he lies there listening and stroking the dog. 

Enjoy making your new memories today xxx
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