Help me mummy, I’m stuck! 

You know when you have one of those “ooh, I’m a mean parent” moments … Well I’ve definitely had one of those today 😂 Leo got himself into a little situation and I keeled over laughing my head off whilst my poor little boy was stuck …

Now to make me feel even worse, once I had rescued him, I called Dan after I’d sent the photo to him and he responded with “oh yes, he did the same thing last week – except I rescued him and didn’t take a photo”  

1 nil to daddy 🎈

So it got me thinking and I asked you guys about your “before rescue” pics and you really have come up trumps… Here is a great little selection that you sent me ..

Julian’s little boy here seems to have got himself into a little pickle during a car journey 😀

Now Katy’s little girl’s face just melts my heart, she looks so sorry for herself when she got a toy drumkit stuck around her neck



This little one’s mum Kelly hopes this next photo is not an indication of her daughter’s future driving skills! 

Laura’s little girl fell through a ladder and couldn’t get up …

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Doesn’t everyone want to get to the bottom of the toy box? Debbie’s boy did … So much so that after she rescued him, he went and got himself stuck again 😂

And one last one … Except Chantelle’s little man doesn’t mine to seem falling in a bush X

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