Help me mummy, I’m stuck! 

You know when you have one of those “ooh, I’m a mean parent” moments … Well I’ve definitely had one of those today 😂 Leo got himself into a little situation and I keeled over laughing my head off whilst my poor little boy was stuck …

Now to make me feel even worse, once I had rescued him, I called Dan after I’d sent the photo to him and he responded with “oh yes, he did the same thing last week – except I rescued him and didn’t take a photo”  

1 nil to daddy 🎈

So it got me thinking and I asked you guys about your “before rescue” pics and you really have come up trumps… Here is a great little selection that you sent me ..

Julian’s little boy here seems to have got himself into a little pickle during a car journey 😀

Now Katy’s little girl’s face just melts my heart, she looks so sorry for herself when she got a toy drumkit stuck around her neck



This little one’s mum Kelly hopes this next photo is not an indication of her daughter’s future driving skills! 

Laura’s little girl fell through a ladder and couldn’t get up …

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Doesn’t everyone want to get to the bottom of the toy box? Debbie’s boy did … So much so that after she rescued him, he went and got himself stuck again 😂

And one last one … Except Chantelle’s little man doesn’t mine to seem falling in a bush X

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Getting every closer to the BIG 30 ... mummy, wife, CEO of charity, love to run and currently attempting to get fit after having my two gorgeous babies. Mental health advocate after suffering from PTSD, Anxiety & Depression following the tragic and unexpected loss of my 9 month old daughter in 2012 ... attempting to live life to the full, just like Millie would have wanted. Oh ... I like to write ...

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