Half way around the world …

Often, parents are brought together and many lovely lifelong friendships are created during this time.

Four years ago today Dan and I were brought together with an amazing family thousands and thousands of miles away in New Zealand – on the anniversary of the loss of their little boy.

What followed has ensured that we have lifelong friends on the other side of the world who sadly know pretty much exactly how Dan and I feel losing Millie.

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Many thousands of you donated to raise money to send Dan and I to New Zealand to meet the Downie-Boytes and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, that if we hadn’t visited New Zealand and this family – the chances are is that Leo wouldn’t be here. Before our visit to New Zealand, I had decided that I didn’t want anymore children because I couldn’t go through pain like what we did when we lost Millie. Meeting this family and seeing that they had gone on to have another beautiful boy after the loss of Kory, made me realise that if they could do it, so could we; a few months later – we were expecting our Leo.

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Although, as I write this now, it is the 24th of August in the U.K., New Zealand have already hit the 25th August – which means it is Kory’s anniversary there.

Our hearts are with our lovely friends, his gorgeous family during this time. I wish none of of us had to go through this and none of us experienced this pain or these same feelings on these unforgettable dates.

Friendships can be formed under the most mysterious circumstances, but our babies brought us together for a reason.

Huge hugs to our New Zealand family during this time xxxxx


To read about Kory’s story, click here

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