Millie’s Trust is 5!

Five years ago this weekend, we were two grieving parents sat at home with our lives torn apart. It was less than 8 weeks since we had lost our only child, we couldn’t function, we

Five years ago this weekend, we were two grieving parents sat at home with our lives torn apart. It was less than 8 weeks since we had lost our only child, we couldn’t function, we couldn’t sleep, we couldn’t work but we needed to do something. We needed to do something to ensure that our daughter’s legacy lived on.

Our daughter 😀

We set up a charity to help parents in Stockport learn first aid. (We never imagined that we would be teaching all over the UK so soon afterwards).

We had absolutely no idea where to start, we didn’t know what we needed to do but the first thing that we did was come up with a name. After trying a few things, Millie’s Trust was born.

Step 2 was of course to set up a Facebook Page and Twitter! (Easy part)

Step 3 Research and learn how to run a charity (this was the hardest part) 

We found that some people were very supportive and others unfortunately were not. Someone told us that “only people with money run charities so it’s not going to work, why don’t you just do a charity run?”

Hmmm, probably not the best thing to say to us. We knew that what we wanted to do, didn’t exist and we knew that our idea had the potential to work.

Now even more determined to prove these pessimists wrong, we spent hours during the evening when we couldn’t sleep researching what we needed to do to make it work and how to become a registered charity.

Fast forward to March 2013 and we had raised the funds and made the application and been approved to be a charity.

It wasn’t easy though, far from it.

Setting up a charity is not something that you can do overnight and you need to be determined to make it work and you need to work hard, extremely hard.

We had Millie behind us, we knew it would work.

Something that has become extremely  special to us is the communication from the public. Your support, the way that you talk to us, the way that you have helped us. Through those nights when our sleep was so bad that we thought we were going crazy, we could turn the FB Page on and someone would be there to talk to. We could write about what a bad night we were having and it would be 3am in the morning and hundreds of people from the other side of the world would reply as they would be on their lunch or parents that were up with their newborns would be there to talk to. You honestly saved us.
We have just opened up our second venue and we teach all over the UK and have the most amazing team of trainers/staff and trustees, they could not be more supportive. We have trained over 16,000 people and now teach qualification courses, families and one of my personal favourites, children!

We had so much knowledge that we wanted to pass on and we know that some people have used it and saved lives after attending our courses, you cannot imagine how this makes Dan and I feel after hearing the stories.

Then there is Millie’s Mark!

You all helped to make this happen; 103,000 people signed our online petition to support 100% trained Paediatric First Aid staff and this is what Millie’s Mark is all about and we are so, so proud that this is part of our daughter’s legacy.

Text MILL05 £5 to 70070 to support our anniversary project.

Over a year later from the official launch, 160 nurseries/pre schools have been awarded this mark and that is an amazing achievement for all involved. There are many more currently going through the process, which takes 3-6 months to get through; it’s that rigorous. It’s so much more than just having the staff trained, it’s about the safety aspects in the nursery, risk assessments, embedding practices into the establishments and ensuring that staff have the confidence to use their first aid training. It’s giving confidence to parents in the people looking after their children.

There is more amazing news coming early next year from Millie’s Mark and we know that it is going to please so many of you 😀. Look out on our social media and websites early next year to find out what is happening with Millie’s Mark in 2018! 💕💕💕💕💕

What I have written about is only a small insight into the development of the charity, there is much more that I could tell you but you’d be reading for the next hour.

My final words for today will be of thanks.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you believing in what we do.

Thank you for making Millie’s Legacy amazing.

Love to you all xxx

Find out what our 5th anniversary project is and donate here.

Or Text MILL05 £5 to 70070

(£5 can be changed from anything from £1 to £10).

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