Mummy’s been brave today 

This blog doesn’t need many words … 

Check out the photo …. 

Leo looks as though he is about to eat you 😁

Mummy + High Chair = Many Tears …

If you have followed our journey,  you will understand why this photograph is so significant … Up until today I have been unable to have Leo in a high chair due to the flashbacks I suffered from Millie being in a highchair that day…
So today is a huge step for me … Don’t be too over excited for mew though … I couldn’t feed him in there (to be honest, I’m struggling a lot with feeding but I’m not worried, we’ll get there eventually) so I just let Leo play with his teddies in there today whilst I cooked Step 2 …..TICK … If you remember a post a couple of months ago …Step 1 was actually letting Dan put the high chair up in the first place … It’s taken me this long to get Leo in the bleedin’ thing …

So today was a big day xxx

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23 thoughts on “Mummy’s been brave today 

  1. Barb

    God bless you Joanne & Dan a huge step for you and Leo to put him in the highchair, I maybe silly but I never knew about cutting grapes in half I feel bad I never knew, I want to do a first aid course with you & wish you all the love xxxxxxx

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  2. Mj

    I have just read your story, you are both an inspiration to your Millie and Leo and other parents that worry constantly about leaving their children with others although they shouldn’t. Thank you for raising this awareness out of such tragedy, stay strong xxxx

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  3. myzania3350

    First thought: “oh, he’s so cute, look at that face!” Then I scrolled and the bigger picture was revealed: “he’s in the chair,” I breathed.
    Sending massive virtual hugs. One day at a time….
    Well done.

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