Some of the best things in life are free 

You may remember a few months ago that Leo had to spend the day in hospital and have a little procedure (you can read about his hospital visit in my previous blog by clicking here) and

You may remember a few months ago that Leo had to spend the day in hospital and have a little procedure (you can read about his hospital visit in my previous blog by clicking here) and this is Leo’s cute hospital outfit in the photo below in the recovery room.

A little while later, I received a message from a lady that told me that she was stood in the lift with Dan and I in Royal Manchester Children’s hospital on this day but didn’t want to disturb us as we looked a little upset. She went on to ask me if i would mind asking people to donate blood, platelets and bone marrow.

Now, we get a lot of requests to talk about certain issues and charities and we rarely do but this story struck a chord with me because of what she told me next.

She told me that her son, Jacob was about the same age as Leo and that he had been diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia and has spent a lot of time in the last few months in hospital where he has needed blood and platelet transfusions. Then I started to think, so many thousands of people are going through this in their lives, in hospital with children who are ill and is there anything that we can really do to help?  So I asked Katie to bear with me as I had an idea, so the idea led to this photo today happening

Oh and I got Dan to join in too ..

Yep, we donated bloody today and it was Jacob that encouraged us. Now this was some feat for me as I have a huge issue with wires and tubes after seeing Millie in hospital … But I did it.

I know this sounds completely daft, but I had never even thought of children needing blood transfusions.  (Jacob currently needs 80-100ml in each transfusion he has, today Dan and I both donated about 480ml)
I was astounded to learn that only 4% of the adult population give blood …as I am pretty sure that when in need, we of course would take it without even thinking twice.

I have to admit though today was my first time giving blood (not Dan’s first time though) not because I haven’t wanted to but because everytime I’ve wanted to; something has stopped me. I was stopped previously because I’d had a tattoo recently, or been to a country that meant I couldn’t donate for a few months, I was pregnant or had a baby in a certain period of months … But last month I realised that I wasn’t in any of these catergories and nothing was stopping me so I found out a date and today was the day.

And the best thing is, is that it is totally and utterly free to do and most people do probably fit the criteria to donate. See Criteria here.

It takes at the maximum just a couple of hours of your time (an hour if you book an appointment) and you are absolutely fine afterwards. You are extremely well looked after in these clinics (thank you to all the lovely members of the blood donation team at Stockport County Football Club today) and everyone is so friendly.

And here is my proud moment, this is MY blood that I donated today, for some reason I look like I am holding a baby. Heehee


That is about a WHOLE PINT, but I’m good, it’s fine and it is completely safe to donate this amount of your blood.

So, little Jacob, he is doing okay at the moment – in fact he has just had bone marrow donated from his 3 year old brother! How amazing is that. Ethan even got to press the machine to start the bone marrow transplant! “Ethan gave Jacob a kiss in the cot and completely unprompted Ethan whispered ‘you’re welcome’ !! Such a sweetie. Here is Jacob and his big brother Ethan who is a real life hero.

Dan and I are actually both on the Organ Donor List and have been for many years and we actually tried to donate Millie’s organs when she passed because she had to have a post mortem, we were unable to.

But we will be continuing donating blood in the future as we don’t see any reason why not to when it is so important and you never know, one day we might need some blood ourselves.


If you would like to donate blood, you can find all the information by clicking here for the UK

If you would like to join the bone marrow donation register you can by clicking here 

If you would like to join the Organ Donation Register, click here for information 

If you do partake in any of the above because you have read my blog, please do let me know.

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  1. Well done. And a Huge thank you from me.
    My Dad had a heart operation a few years ago there were major complications and he ended up needing 17 pints of blood during the operation. Thankfully he defied all odds and pulled through, but without those amazing blood donors and amazing surgeons he wouldn’t be with us today.
    I decided at that point I needed to repay the 17 pints. I realised it would take almost 5 years but I was determined. Like you though things happened that stopped me sometimes, first I was breastfeeding my daughter. Then pregnant again with my sun. Between though I managed to donate 2 pints. At the first session I counted 17 people. When they’re all sat waiting you realise quite how big a group it is.
    Unfortunately though there were complications after having my son and I was very anaemic. So I needed the 2 pints I’d donated myself and once you’ve had a transfusion you can’t donate.

    My Dad is in hospital again at the moment and has had 6 pints this week. So I’m now incredibly grateful for the 23 people who have helped save my Dad and the 2 who saved me.

    Thanks for donating and for highlighting the importance of donating blood

    1. Fabulous that you dad was saved and great you managed to donate some pints before you weren’t allowed anymore X hope your dad is better soon x

  2. wow-how truley AMAZING you all are. this blog has just got me signed up to give blood (hopfully in about 2weeks) keep doing all you do. thankyou for saving so many lived x
    iv voted for your beautiful plane name too

  3. Very inspiring. What a great way to raise the profile of blood donation. And what brave little
    Le hero’s Ethan and Jacob are, very moving indeed.

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