Sleepy smiles and secret giggles 

One of my favourite things of the day are sleepy smiles … that’s the little ones that I get when I go in to kiss my boy good night before I go to bed, the

One of my favourite things of the day are sleepy smiles … that’s the little ones that I get when I go in to kiss my boy good night before I go to bed, the ones were I turn my head sideways and peep through the side of the cot so Leo can see me the right way round when he is led down… He looks back at me, smiles at me until I leave his room and then goes back to sleep. I love these smiles …because they’re secret … Dan always says I wake him when I go to say goodnight to him … That’s because I can’t resist giving another kiss and cuddle. He always falls back asleep soon afterwards and I’ve got my smile … Happy happy. 

And then … there are the times when he wakes up in the morning, he just can’t help but make us smile. He doesn’t scream for us, he doesn’t cry to say he’s awake … Do you want to know what he does???  He scratches the wall, haha. He stands up in his sleep bag in his cot and he scratches the wall to our bedroom with his fingers or he’ll bang on the wall and start to chat away … I love it, always make me smile.

As for what he has mostly enjoyed this week… That would be a cardboard box 😀 (see below)  

I am always amazed as to how children want to play with everything that isn’t actually theirs or something they shouldn’t be playing with. If I put him in a room with 50 toys and a TV remote … tv remote it would be! 

Leo’s birthday is coming up soon, still have no idea what to get him (any ideas from you guys would be greatly appreciated, it’s really hard with his birthday being so close to Christmas) We have decided to have a little party for him, we think it should be a time to celebrate for Leo and for us, reaching the huge age of 1 is a massive milestone for all of us for many reasons, so party it is. 

We’ve also been enjoying going on some walks for the past few weeks, some have literally just been around our local streets and others a little further with daddy and our dog Rolo! The cold hasn’t put us off at all.   

Although, I have been rather disappointed with the snow (or lack of it) so far this winter, I’m a total winter nerd, I prefer it to the summer. What do you prefer, winter or summer? I only like the sun if I can lie down, relax and sunbathe in it … Which i can’t normally do in the UK as I’m too busy to stop and sunbathe! 

Got to go now, his royal highness Leo is tapping the wall telling me that he has woken from his very short afternoon kip 😉. 

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  1. I love late spring/ early summer, because winter in my area of Aust is a drizzler which ends up annoying me by the end of August (especially when it sometimes starts in May…)
    In late spring/ early summer, the weather is warm but usually not *too* hot yet, and sunny, with proper rain breaking it up.

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