Untouched waters 

I’ve found myself seeking more and more advice recently in the past few weeks whether it be from friends,google,books or just general online searches (and no, I don’t believe everything I read online.)

We are in that bit now where it’s all new to us again. We knew there was only so far we were going to be able to go where we had done it. Which type of feeding, moving to Leo’s own room, starting to crawl, smile, wave etc. 

Now things are changing.

This week I’ve been seeking advice on switchover to cow’s milk (which has been very successful) how to get Leo drinking from a zippy cup rather than a bottle (not keen on this, any tips would be great) when he should be moving into a bed rather than his cot (which shocked me a lot as it might not be that far away as I discovered yesterday) 

I find this all very strange because I’ve been a mum for 4 years and I technically should know all this but I don’t, because we lost Mills and never got to any of the next stages. 

Just this week itself, we have had Leo’s 12 month check, albeit a couple of weeks early but we never got to do that with Millie. (He’s all fine and dandy in case you were wondering) Then I found myself asking about the next stage of injections because Leo will need them soon and I don’t know what they are for or when he should have them … But we are getting there. 

We’re listening out for his first word now as we know if isn’t far off, it’s possibly going to be ” Hiya” I reckon as he seems to trying hard with that one. He’s also constantly wanting to stand up but at the same time pushing us away or balancing on our knees whilst we’re sat down and being very brave by only using only one arm whilst holding onto me.  

It’s all so lovely to see, but so bittersweet. 

But he makes us smile every day and makes us want to get up in the morning, we couldn’t have asked for a happier boy. 

It’s all one new big adventure. xxx
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3 thoughts on “Untouched waters 

  1. Hi Jo
    We were recommended the nuk cups, you can get them with either latex or silicon mouth pieces which I think helped with the transition from a teat as it was a familiar feeling but a different shape and wasn’t too hard if it was dropped against newly formed teeth!
    Hope that helps xxx

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  2. Claire

    Hi ya!
    We use the munchkin miracle 360 trainer cup, our little one is 8 months and has always had his juice/water from it since about 6 months, am hoping he will be ok once we pop his milk in when we can chop to cows milk!!!! Fab cup !

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