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Sometimes you just have to go to bed with glitter in your hair because it’s just been one of those great fun glittery days! Leo thoroughly enjoyed his session at Messy Monkeys today and we

Sometimes you just have to go to bed with glitter in your hair because it’s just been one of those great fun glittery days!

Leo thoroughly enjoyed his session at Messy Monkeys today and we came home and carried on with our own paint fun.

He had a “bucket bath” as I like to call them at his session today AND he had a big bath at home before bed this evening because I kept seeing glitter in it … We washed and scrubbed and washed and scrubbed … And Leo has still gone to bed with glitter in his head … Daddy will have a surprise on daddy day tomorrow when he notices his little boy is sparkling under the light with purple glitter in his head. 😀

We love these sessions but mummy (me) always looks hilarious when we are on our way home! A few times I’ve walked the couple of miles home with him and I’ve been covered in paint on my jeans, in my hair and on my face! Last week I even bobbed in to Tesco to go to the chemist after our session, people must’ve been looking at me like I was crazy! But you know what, we totally don’t care what people think we looked like because we had FUN with a capital F! 😀

I’m so not a mum who leaves the house with my hair immaculate, my make up done and fashionable looking clothes on … I’m the mum that you see with my hair tied up (currently in a plait – as I’m finding it easier to do this than have Leo pulling at it!), as I’ve already explained clothes covered in baby fun such as glitter, paint and glue and baby food and no make up on.

Unless I’m going somewhere where I need to look lovely, once Leo has ruined my clothes for the day, they stay like that – otherwise I’d be getting changed 5 times a day! Some days I do wish that I was an immaculate stunning mum, but then Leo puts a handful of paint on me a and I think “oh what the heck!” and join in with him.

Today we ended up looking at a stall with books on and we picked up these books below ..

I feel like we are going to have some fun with them. I’m always very conscious about the fact Leo is not in childcare and he’s not got access to childcare development schemes and other young children much so I’m always on the lookout about what other babies his age are doing and experiencing outside the home. If you have any tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave some comments on my blog.
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Leo has recently had his 1 year check (a few weeks early) so we know he is doing fabulous and we are extremely happy with his development (obviously weaning is another story, but we’re getting there – just very slowly).

He’s changing so much at the minute and he’s becoming a lot more relaxed, for example last night he was just led on me playing with a little animal figure whilst were on the sofa relaxing after he’d had his final bottle – strange feeling though seeing him do this because we never saw Millie like this – it was lovely though.

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I’m very proud of my hubby at the moment because he’s training very hard for the London Marathon (his first ever marathon) we are both so busy all the time that it’s surprising that he’s fitting all the training in but he is and you know what, (at the moment), he’s really enjoying it! I’ll be telling you a different story in a few weeks when he’s jumped over the 20 mile run mark! Last week he went for a run, came back and said he’d run through rain, hail and snow all on a 12 mile run! He was absolutely drenched!

If you think he deserves a little bit of sponsorship and support you can TEXT donate by texting DANT01 £5 to 70070 or donate via Just Giving by clicking here. 

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  1. Hi I’ve been following your story for a long time now and so many times I’ve cried reading your words. I cannot begin to explain how amazing I think you are. I felt I wanted to message you today because I trained as a nursery nurse when my own children started school. I totally understand your wish to keep Leo at home and I believe it is the right choice for you. All that you are doing with him are all that he needs. He is having so many experiences that many toddlers do not have. As long as is he is safe having fun and meeting new little people it really doesn’t matter. Enjoy every minute with your beautiful boy. Xxx

  2. My son Elijah is 2 in March. He doesn’t go to nursery. Childcare wise he’s always with his parents of grandparents. He’s speaking in sentences, knows colours and numbers, and is generally doing well, compared to peers in nursery! As long as they are getting love, stimulation and play they do just fine 🙂

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