Fly By Weekend

Weekends just fly by so fast don’t they. They fly by even faster for us and probably for many of you when you have to work a day at the weekend – but needs must! So you need to make the most of the bits of the weekend that you do see. 

We’ve been out having some fun at our friend Archie’s party and Leo went on a slide for the very first time! If you want to to see this video, head on over to my Instagram account and search for millieleosmum, I promise the video will make you smile 😀 

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We were at Wild Things play centre in Bramhall and it’s great because it’s a great size to be able to see your young children the whole time they are playing! I couldn’t not go on the little slide with Leo, his big eyes were lighting up when he was watching the other children fly down it! Five times we went on it and he had this massive grin on everytime we whizzed down it! 

Obviously food was served at this party today but I’m still not comfortable with Leo eating out of our home yet (apart from the ice cream he was licking off my finger) – I know one day I will be ok with this. 

During this eating session though, I totally added another reason to my list why I liked this the place – I clocked the grapes on the table and you know what, they were cut in half!!! Absolutely great to see this happening in a play centre because we have been made aware that not all play centres do this as standard with grapes but it made me like the place even more. BIG TICK in my book.

Leo is now fast asleep! A little bit earlier than normal but I’m not surprised as he has had an extremely busy day. Also, he seems to be dropping his afternoon nap now. For the past few days he hasn’t wanted his afternoon nap and that’s great 😀 more playtime with Leo!!! 

As well as dropping naps, we’ve just moved on to cow’s milk and he is constantly cruising … Our little baby is turning into a little boy! So it’s not just weekends that go so fast … Babies growing up do too! Treasure  every second.   

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