Time to give away ….

Time to give my blood away again, currently sat in the recovery bay at Poynton Civic Centre after donating, it’s true you know, everyone comes for the tea and biscuits at the end 😀  Seriously

Time to give my blood away again, currently sat in the recovery bay at Poynton Civic Centre after donating, it’s true you know, everyone comes for the tea and biscuits at the end 😀 

Seriously though, if you want to know our reasons for starting to donate blood, you need to read my previous blog – CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHY WE DECIDED TO DONATE 

This time I came prepared and brought my magazine to read whilst the blood was taken from my, the time flies this way …Reading and puzzling 😀 

The nurses are so nice at these blood donation sessions they’re always really chatty and lovely and when you leave, they are always so thankful to you for coming.

(Donating selfie – ha, it’s really hard to take a donation selfie when you are hooked up to a machine)

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For anyone who is frightened of donating, don’t be , it only looks like this …

… And you don’t really feel a thing to be honest. Truth – my trick is to not look at the needle when it’s going in, I’ve never been very good looking at needle but even that’s only a little sting and nothing to mither about.

So come on guys, think about donating and as I said READ MY PREVIOUS BLOG and see if that convinces you … It’s all about a little boy who needs some donations.

If you are interested in donating, click here for more details or to book an appointment somewhere close to you, if you fit the criteria – there’s no reason not to donate, it’s so quick and easy and remember; one day it might be you who needs blood.

I’m very proud of my hubby at the moment because he’s training very hard for the London Marathon (his first ever marathon) we are both so busy all the time that it’s surprising that he’s fitting all the training in but he is and you know what, (at the moment), he’s really enjoying it! I’ll be telling you a different story in a few weeks when he’s jumped over the 20 mile run mark! Last week he went for a run, came back and said he’d run through rain, hail and snow all on a 12 mile run! He was absolutely drenched!

If you think he deserves a little bit of sponsorship and support you can TEXT donate by texting DANT01 £5 to 70070 or donate via Just Giving by clicking here. 

And just for cuteness, here’s one of Leo on our mummy adventures this afternoon  … We also discovered something today … Read below to find out what…?!?!!!?

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What did Leo and I discover today?

Bob the Builder has had a makeover … When did that happen guys??? 😜 


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  1. You’ve just encouraged me to book to give blood again, the first time I gave blood I fainted, so am rather nervous about doing it again, however I’m going to try again 🙂 Thankyou jo!
    Ps- Leo is such a cutie!, also what had happened to bob the builder haha

    1. Good luck! You’ll be fine, just don’t look at what is actually going on, I find it works for me not looking at the needle.
      I know, Bob! So funny X

  2. Great work! I used to give blood but haven’t it years…I think I’ll start again after seeing this. Oh and high fives for the hubby. Bob the builder is totally revamped…noddy too!

      1. Hi from Victoria, Australia! Gosh, Bob looking like that is weird. And Noddy revamped too? Noddy was quite a favourite of mine when I was Leo’s age apparently. I can still remember that tune…
        And I’ve been giving blood for a few years now but gave my first plasma donation the other day. It takes longer. But the biscuits at the end are really good! 😉

        1. Hi Australia 😄 thanks for reading! The revamps are very bizarre! I’m thinking about the platelet donation too – I got a letter asking me to see if I could do it! Maybe next time xxx

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