Wrong birth date, so you can’t have it! 

Hey, it’s Joanne here! I’ve blogged this so more people see it X

Now, we rarely share petitions unless they are directly related to first aid because we get sent so many, so this one we are sharing because we teach about meningitis on our courses. 
Meningitis is close to our hearts as Dan (Millie and Leo’s dad) actually contracted it when he was 21 years old and was lucky enough to survive.
Now as a parent of a soon to be 1 year old, we really want Leo to have this vaccination a) because Leo’s daddy has had it and b) because we want to do everything we can that could prevent anything happening to Leo … BUT here’s where the problems start … 
Apparently Leo was born just a few months earlier than the vaccination programme start so he isn’t entitled to be vaccinated on the NHS … So that brought me to look privately … Which has led me to discover firstly that there is a national shortage and we can’t even pay for him to have it at the moment through any private medical centre or through any chemist and secondly … The price is absolutely atrocious … Now of course this is not something that would stop us getting Leo the injection if we could … But at £150-£200 per dosage and he would need 2 and then a booster … In reality how many families can afford that? It’s absolutely ridiculous … Now of course, you cannot put a price on children’s lives but so many people will not be in a position to pay this amount of money and believe me, it’s not money that we have hanging around for a rainy day so we are prepared to go without other things for a few months to get Leo this Injection … But we can’t even get an appointment. 
So, please after hearing some really sad stories over the past few days about children passing away from this terrible infection sign this petition and make the government listen. 

Why should Leo and any other child for that matter go without this vaccination just because of his birth date???


Please also see the photos attached to this post for symptoms …

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4 thoughts on “Wrong birth date, so you can’t have it! 

  1. Sophie

    Completely agree Joanne

    The jabs should be something that’s readily available as it is such a horrid illness, and should have been included in the first jabs a long time ago

    Oh happy 1st birthday for Leo tomorrow hope you all have a lovely day
    (Same as our grace) can’t believe they are 1 already ! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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