Making you smileΒ 

Some days are harder than others, some moments are harder than others … Leo brings light to our bad moments nowadays.

This evening he made me laugh with his laughter involving something so simple when I was having a bad few minutes. 

Check him out by clicking here, I promise it will make you smile.

Children really do bring out the best in people xxx

There’s nothing more special to hear than a child’s laughter xxx

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Toddler TantrumsΒ 

I just can’t help but laugh, I know that I shouldn’t but sometimes (actually a lot of the time) I find myself laughing at Leo having his tantrums because many of them are for the most unnecessary reasons. We are going for the “Let him ride it out” way of dealing with them, so not trying to make a big deal out of them but it is so hard to keep a straight face because he is getting atrociously angry at the dog for picking her own ball up because she dare to want to play with it or how he throws himself on the floor backwards because he wants to open and close the baby gate but doesn’t realise that this is how he gets his fingers trapped and makes him cry. 

This photo is a result of me putting Leo is in his cot earlier this weekend then I could run for a wee! 

All of these toys were in his cot for about the whole of 2 minutes whilst I nipped to the bathroom.


And as for saying No! Well that is a raging tantrum worth putting in the Guiness World Book of Records for reaching the highest level of noise ever recorded on its own. No, is just one of two words that seem to cause Leo to break the sound barrier, the other is… Hang on a minute, we have to say this really quietly here then he doesn’t hear it … she whispers, Gone… My oh my, if Leo comes across that word then the whole world has ended and I mean everything is over and finished and we just cannot come back from it. Especially if it comes after a bowl of Cheerios … He just cannot cope! 

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This is the result of one of today’s tantrums … And the cause of this one was…

No Leo, you cannot switch the Tv box on and off a million times”. It was all just too much for him and this was the resulting face I was confronted with.

We are obviously all very new to toddler tantrums and we are starting to get our own collection of hilarious stories about them but you guys have had me laughing my head off on my Blog Facebook page today with your experiences of this.

 Sara Galer had this to say 

“My 6yr old had a meltdown because I suggested he could brush his teeth BEFORE he combed his hair!!! Won’t be suggesting that again!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

I’ll definitely be keeping this one in mind as this week I’ve been teaching Leo how to brush his hair and his teeth all on his own … I haven’t yet tried in a specific order but obviously there is one according to Sara’s little one.

I mentioned earlier about Leo breaking the sound barrier when you tell him that his Cheerios are all gone, this obviously rings true for Stacey-Ann’s little boy too

“We were out for a Sunday carvery yesterday. My two year old was quite well behaved until they brought the dessert trolley around! He chose what he wanted, ate his and helped his grandma eat hers! Then the lady took the trolley away! Oh dear his poor little face πŸ™‚ was quite a picture bless him! Melt down :)” 

Leo is exactly the same with food, if you dare try and take it away, that’s it, he makes it clear that he is definitley not your friend anymore. 

I suppose I’m actually quite glad that he loves his food though considering the struggle that I went through trying to wean him after we lost Millie in an incident regarding food. Click here to read all about this

A friend of mine has just reminded me of a tantrum her gorgeous little boy Albie who is nearly 3 had recently. His mum asked him why he was crying, his response “because I want my birthday” … his mum tried to explain that it was in 6 weeks time but he was adamant that he wanted it and proceeded to have a total meltdown in the living room …  the video clip of this one is definitely one that she needs to save for Albie’s 18th birthday. 

Charlene’s daughter Summer has shown us just how fabulous a child’s imagination is and what a great reason to have a tantrum, 

My little girl Summer age 3 had a major meltdown because I opened my coat pocket to put something into it, how was I to know that’s where she had put her imaginary butterfly and by opening it id let it fly away, we had full on tears snot the lot lol. Got to love a child’s imagination though xx”

Amy Pincock-Smith, I have to say you have some of the best little stories! A similar boob showing incident happened to me the other week whilst Leo was having a strop, luckily I was in the changing rooms at the swimming pool with him and not in the middle of a supermarket.

“My fiery red head used to have paddys everyday!! Fruit shoots I found often ended in paddys so were then referred to as the ‘Fruit shoot paddys’ one of her fruit shoot paddys happened in morrisons at Christmas time, so it was super busy… I had her in my arms as she was properly on one flailing around and screaming, mid flailing she pulled my top down and flashed my boob, all I could do was laugh and say ‘Well Merry Christmas everyone!’ Soooo cringe “

Don’t worry, they all start to smile again soon πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

As parents, we all experience these tantrums but do not worry, they are all over very soon. A sparkle on a book they spot on the sofa, a cuddly toy they see on the other side of the room or some music that plays that they love will soon have them out of it, I promise. So keep calm and carry on parenting, you’re all doing fabulous xxx

Leave me some of your stories about toddler tantrums in the comments xxx

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Dinopants and words that don’t rhyme.Β 

I have always loved to read and I am so pleased that Leo is currently showing signs of enjoying stories. This morning we read 3 different books various times (and by various I mean about 20 combined) and he still wanted more .. But it was time for breakfast. 

As a child, reading was one of my favourite things to do and it still is now. I’ll always remember my “Clitheroe Grandad” laughing at me because I used to go in their house and pick up whatever newspaper was laying about and then lie in front of the fire reading it whilst all the adults talked around me. 

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Readers Digest was another favourite of mine. I must’ve only been about 7 when I took a liking to that! My grandad used to save them up for me to read the next time I saw him. 

The same grandad, when I was about 8 came me a copy of an Elvis biography written by Priscilla Presley, I’ve actually just googled it to find it and it was this one – Click here. It actually became my favourite book for a long time afterwards. I can’t say that I knew any other 8 year olds at the time who’s favourite book was this!  

These are currently Leo’s favourite books that he wants reading over and over again , it’s a good job that I actually do like them. πŸ’•

I absolutely love reading all these children’s books but I’ve come across an irritating issue in some of them … I have to sometimes change my accent to make the words rhyme! 

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For example in Stick Man it’s scarf and laugh! To make it rhyme like the author wants it to … I have to pronounce laugh the same as scarf … It doesn’t work with my accent and the most recent pronunciation issue I’ve had is trying to make the word great rhyme with eight … Believe me, this doesn’t sound right in my broad Lancashire accent πŸ˜‚.

Reading is such an amazing thing for anyone, not just children to enjoy. You learn so much and so many new things every time you pick up a different book.

Then there comes along the whole book-v-kindle debate. 

Now you see, I do have a kindle/iPad etc to read electronically but call me old fashioned but I just don’t think that you can beat a good book. Don’t get me wrong, Kindle is an absolutely fantastic device, Dan bought me one for my birthday for holidays many years ago, so that the books that I wanted to read didn’t make us go over the weight limit of our suit case. I do agree they are good for this reason but you just can’t beat a proper page turn! πŸ˜€

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Are they designer?Β 


I have voted today. 

No I won’t tell you which way. 

I try not to discuss politics online BUT I have to mention the polling station as the funniest thing happened to me today. Many of you already know that I take Leo to Messy Monkeys on a Wednesday but yesterday I was working and daddy accidentally forgot that he should’ve been taking him πŸ™„. So I arranged for Leo to go to the same class in another location today and I walked there and back with him. I have two pairs of bottoms that I tend to wear for Messy Monkeys then it doesn’t matter if I get paint etc on them … See photo below 

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Walking back from Messy Monkeys after class, I popped into my local polling station and as I was giving my name and address, the lady was looking at me very strangely … then I remembered what I was wearing … So I laughed and said “the clothes are for my little ones’ class” the ladies response was “I’m glad you’ve said that as I was trying to work out whether they you’d paid money for designer jeans to look like that!”  This lady made my voting experience much more fun today, I couldn’t stop laughing. The things we do for our kids! πŸ˜€ I don’t mind though, I’ve just booked Leo’s new term for Autumn, it doesn’t bother me walking home splattered in paint, it’s all good fun.

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Other fun, we’ve had this week… check out this amazing present out that was dropped by our lovely friend Gemma.

(Photos on the wall by Sharon Wallis)

Now this giraffe is extra special because when our friend saw it, it had a sign up next to it saying Millie the Giraffe! It was fate wasn’t it …? It was such a thoughtful gift and Leo loves it, here he is below telling you how tall it is! 

Leo is like a total whirlwind at the moment and we absolutely love it; especially his yoga escapades.

Lots of you know how worried I was about not being able to laugh again or not enjoy things with my rainbow baby .. Well it couldn’t be more different than I had imagined xx

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Father’s Day 2016

So it’s not been too bad today. Father’s Day I mean, Leo and I have tried to make it fun for daddy – I know he’s had a few wobbly moments but all in all, Daddy Dan has done well. 

Leo very kindly let us lie in until 8am this morning until he wanted Daddy to open his presents and have his breakfast (and then sat and pinched some of Daddy’s cereal too).

We then headed off to Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington, some of you may remember that we had a lovely team of people release a song in memory of Millie and this was the location of the launch a few years ago. 

We hadn’t been to the gardens until today though, so we headed on there today. It’s really nice, there’s a huge play area for the kids, a “zoo” onsite etc and you can do all this for just the Β£3.50 parking fee (Β£2.50) during the week, so a lovely cheap day out! Unfortunately we hadn’t been there long when we got rained on and had to head back to the car … But we are definitely going back there again soon as it’s great. 

We headed on to the Trafford Centre and it turns out that Leo got spoilt today along with Daddy because we decided to pop into Build-A-Bear, we haven’t been there before but it’s fab, and we got two of the teddies in a great deal … 

I thought the whole process was great, Leo got to stand on the pedal to stuff the teddy and then he even got to pick them both a heart to make them “come alive”. It’s such a cute little process for the kiddies to see happening. There are so many to choose from but in the end we went for these in the pic below 

Captain America and Iron Man. πŸ˜€

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I’m not sure that Leo knew what to make of them at first, but he has got very friendly at home with them now, he’s clearly trying to start little conversations with them … daddy seems to get on well with them too. πŸ˜‚

And of course … We visited our Millie and Grandpa Frank. We took Millie a little dinosaur that Dan had picked for her when we were at Chester Zoo last week (as I’ve been down to see her twice since and forgot to take it both times πŸ™„)

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We could see at the cemetery today a lot of people had visited their dads, with it being Father’s Day, who have sadly passed away as there were a lot of new and fresh flowers that had been laid; which is so lovely to see as it sometimes very sad to see resting places where it’s clear that no on has visited for a long time. You would honestly be surprised though if you knew how many people were there visiting their children on this special day today – as we pulled up, we happened to pass another family who we know were there to visit their son. It’s so so sad.

Dan still writes his dad cards on special occasions, just like we do for Millie. I know some people will find this a little strange – but it’s what we do and unless you’ve walked our shoes … 

So to everyone today who has cried because there dad has passed away and you are sad today, here is a big hug for you xxxx

But an extra special hug and heartfelt love to all daddies with Angel children, you’ve done fabulous to get through this special day. 


Our little angel Millie xxx

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Father’s DayΒ 

Happy Father’s Day.

An extra special thought to all the dads out there today on Father’s Day that have a sweet little angel playing in the clouds … You can’t ever imagine what it feels like to lose a child unless you have and the pain intensifies on each of these special days.

No daddy should ever have to cry on Father’s Day because of grief, but unfortunately millions do. 

For those who can enjoy today, cherish every moment, for those who can’t enjoy today, our hearts are with you.

There are some very special daddies out there who deserve to be acknowledged today even more than usual, please give them a huge hug.

Happy Father’s Day x 

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Daddy’s birthdayΒ 

It was daddy’s birthday last week. The occasions that should be celebrated throughout the year are all tinged with sadness all year round and I think that is something that we have sadly got used to now. 

We know celebrations are never going to be the same again, but things have changed since having Leo. It’s put some of the happiness back into the celebrations again. We cry. We always do. The both of of us. 

We cry the evening before.

We cry when we wake up on the day.

We cry opening the cards.

We cry openings the presents.

We cry wherever we go on the day.

You know what though, that’s ok. We’re allowed. It’s good to cry. It really is. 

We of course had our obligatory trip to the Chester Zoo to see Millie the giraffe. It was raining but it didn’t matter – Leo discovered puddles and loved them. I happened to catch it on video, which is a fabulous memory for me to have to keep. The curiosity in his face is so cute.

Click to watch  FIRST TIME PUDDLE

I also managed to catch this fabulous photo of Leo runnning out of the Meerkat tunnel, I think it’s a brilliant photo, definitely one of my favourites. 

It was a tough day, but we survived; as usual like we aways do.

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I found it really hard this year watching Dan. I feel so sad for him. His daughter isn’t here to celebrate, neither is his dad and his mum suffers from Alzheimer’s and doesn’t really know who is he anymore, so she sadly can’t really wish him happy birthday like mums do. I know it bothers Dan all of this, but he is so strong. Oh bloody hell, I’m sat in the gym car park writing this with tears streaming down my face. (Don’t worry, I’ve already been in so don’t need to walk in for a teary faced workout.) 

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Back to the zoo.

The bat cave. Seriously; Leo loved it. I cannot stand the place, I hate things that fly, I’m not a fan of birds and I am certainly not a fan of bats. This was the longest that I have ever stayed in there, just because Leo liked it. I’m hoping that he will grow out of liking the batcave over the next few years … Otherwise I’ll have to get brave! 

Which animals do you like/not like at the zoo? 

Now this is a meaningful photo for us. This is the first time, we’ve really given Leo a children’s meal to eat for himself. We still struggle with his eating (not Leo, he can eat for England) but us actually watching him eat – we watch him like a hawk whenever he has anything in or near his mouth. 

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This was also momentous because this is the first time that Leo had ever tried anything made from potato; obvious issues here with Millie choking on mashed potato. I’ve been reluctant to let him do so, more for my sanity and I know that may be construed as a little bit selfish … But, right now … Leo doesn’t know any different. 

I was selfishly hoping that he was going to spit them out and not like them but of course, he went the total opposite way and could not get enough of them – which is fine, I dealt with it and I’ll carry on dealing with it. He wasn’t keen on the tomato though – surprise surprise πŸ˜€. 

It’s always hard when I’m out at work and it’s even tougher when I know my little dude isn’t too well – see little red face below – teething issues – not many to go though, just 4 we think. 

I did get a huge cuddle from him when I got home though, apparently he hadn’t wanted to play all day and had just clung to Dan most of the day, it must be so hard for them not knowing what’s happening when their teeth are coming through … He’s all back to normal now though, he woke up a little bit quiet but seemed to enjoy Messy Monkeys later that morning …πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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