Toddler Tantrums 

I just can’t help but laugh, I know that I shouldn’t but sometimes (actually a lot of the time) I find myself laughing at Leo having his tantrums because many of them are for the

I just can’t help but laugh, I know that I shouldn’t but sometimes (actually a lot of the time) I find myself laughing at Leo having his tantrums because many of them are for the most unnecessary reasons. We are going for the “Let him ride it out” way of dealing with them, so not trying to make a big deal out of them but it is so hard to keep a straight face because he is getting atrociously angry at the dog for picking her own ball up because she dare to want to play with it or how he throws himself on the floor backwards because he wants to open and close the baby gate but doesn’t realise that this is how he gets his fingers trapped and makes him cry. 

This photo is a result of me putting Leo is in his cot earlier this weekend then I could run for a wee! 

All of these toys were in his cot for about the whole of 2 minutes whilst I nipped to the bathroom.


And as for saying No! Well that is a raging tantrum worth putting in the Guiness World Book of Records for reaching the highest level of noise ever recorded on its own. No, is just one of two words that seem to cause Leo to break the sound barrier, the other is… Hang on a minute, we have to say this really quietly here then he doesn’t hear it … she whispers, Gone… My oh my, if Leo comes across that word then the whole world has ended and I mean everything is over and finished and we just cannot come back from it. Especially if it comes after a bowl of Cheerios … He just cannot cope! 

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This is the result of one of today’s tantrums … And the cause of this one was…

No Leo, you cannot switch the Tv box on and off a million times”. It was all just too much for him and this was the resulting face I was confronted with.

We are obviously all very new to toddler tantrums and we are starting to get our own collection of hilarious stories about them but you guys have had me laughing my head off on my Blog Facebook page today with your experiences of this.

 Sara Galer had this to say 

“My 6yr old had a meltdown because I suggested he could brush his teeth BEFORE he combed his hair!!! Won’t be suggesting that again!! 😂😂😂”

I’ll definitely be keeping this one in mind as this week I’ve been teaching Leo how to brush his hair and his teeth all on his own … I haven’t yet tried in a specific order but obviously there is one according to Sara’s little one.

I mentioned earlier about Leo breaking the sound barrier when you tell him that his Cheerios are all gone, this obviously rings true for Stacey-Ann’s little boy too

“We were out for a Sunday carvery yesterday. My two year old was quite well behaved until they brought the dessert trolley around! He chose what he wanted, ate his and helped his grandma eat hers! Then the lady took the trolley away! Oh dear his poor little face 🙂 was quite a picture bless him! Melt down :)” 

Leo is exactly the same with food, if you dare try and take it away, that’s it, he makes it clear that he is definitley not your friend anymore. 

I suppose I’m actually quite glad that he loves his food though considering the struggle that I went through trying to wean him after we lost Millie in an incident regarding food. Click here to read all about this

A friend of mine has just reminded me of a tantrum her gorgeous little boy Albie who is nearly 3 had recently. His mum asked him why he was crying, his response “because I want my birthday” … his mum tried to explain that it was in 6 weeks time but he was adamant that he wanted it and proceeded to have a total meltdown in the living room …  the video clip of this one is definitely one that she needs to save for Albie’s 18th birthday. 

Charlene’s daughter Summer has shown us just how fabulous a child’s imagination is and what a great reason to have a tantrum, 

My little girl Summer age 3 had a major meltdown because I opened my coat pocket to put something into it, how was I to know that’s where she had put her imaginary butterfly and by opening it id let it fly away, we had full on tears snot the lot lol. Got to love a child’s imagination though xx”

Amy Pincock-Smith, I have to say you have some of the best little stories! A similar boob showing incident happened to me the other week whilst Leo was having a strop, luckily I was in the changing rooms at the swimming pool with him and not in the middle of a supermarket.

“My fiery red head used to have paddys everyday!! Fruit shoots I found often ended in paddys so were then referred to as the ‘Fruit shoot paddys’ one of her fruit shoot paddys happened in morrisons at Christmas time, so it was super busy… I had her in my arms as she was properly on one flailing around and screaming, mid flailing she pulled my top down and flashed my boob, all I could do was laugh and say ‘Well Merry Christmas everyone!’ Soooo cringe “

Don’t worry, they all start to smile again soon 😀😀😀

As parents, we all experience these tantrums but do not worry, they are all over very soon. A sparkle on a book they spot on the sofa, a cuddly toy they see on the other side of the room or some music that plays that they love will soon have them out of it, I promise. So keep calm and carry on parenting, you’re all doing fabulous xxx

Leave me some of your stories about toddler tantrums in the comments xxx

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  1. My son is now 11, ready for high school so his tantrums are more more along the lines of,’why can’t I go out’. I want an IPhone and suchabody has or is allowed to do such a thing! Then when I dare to argue with him he says,’don’t you k I’m going through puberty!

  2. My little man Noah is almost the same age as Leo. Today he had a tantrum because he wanted to drink his bath water rather than the water in his cup 😂😂 thank you for posting this nice to know I’m not alone. Much love xx

  3. Hi guys, I used to take my son (now 13) to story time at the local library when he was a toddler. They would have a story read to them, a sing-song and then a snack and a drink. One particular week all the children were sat around the snack table and my son’s drink was right on the edge so I just picked it up and moved it to a safer spot. NOT the right thing to have done!! He proceeded to throw the biggest, loudest, most violent tantrum in the history of tantrums “because you touched my green cup mummy”. He flung himself backwards off the chair and was rolling around on the floor screaming at top volume, headbutting the floor, and all this in a library of all places! The librarian from the adult library rushed in thinking a bookcase had fallen on him!! So embarrassing, and to make matters worse he had what we called a “flop attack” where they go completely limp so I couldn’t get him back into the buggy to make my escape. I was mortified!! Now he has a different kind of strop…the stroppy teen strop but I wouldn’t have him any other way 💖.

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