I want more chocolate cake 

It was my birthday this weekend. Quiet one. I wasn’t really in the mood for celebrating my birthday this and I took only one photo on the day whilst Dan was feeding Leo … this was it 😘

Leo clearly didn’t like the end of mummy’s chocolate birthday cake … 

I had a little wander to Styal Mill with Dan, Leo and Rolo and then of course went to visit Millie at her sleeping place and took her some new flowers. 
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Birthdays are a hard time.

I always feel like I shouldn’t be celebrating but I know that I need to keep things normal for Leo as he’s growing up. 

He and Dan made me smile … but that photo is brilliant! 


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2 thoughts on “I want more chocolate cake 

  1. Alison

    It was my birthday too. Think cake is always something that makes kids smile. Bless him. I hope next weekend will be better. Happy birthday. I’ll smile as I know Millie will be smiling too. Little boys have a way of making you smile and laugh just to get them laughing from paddies!!!! Xx

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