Did they really do that??? 24 hours … all for Millie x

As we quickly head on towards Millie’s 4th anniversary in less than 2 weeks time, we are once again so overwhelmed with the support that we have during #milliesmadness in Millie’s anniversary month. 

One set of people that I want to tell you about in particular are a group of lovely ladies at a place called V12 Hair Boutique in Cheadle Hulme.

To support this event 

Text HAIR12 £3 to 70070

They have been doing a specific fundraiser now for many years and last night has been their 4th year doing it to raise money for Millie’s Trust. They spend 24 hours hairdressing – (yes throughout the evening) and donate all the pennies to Millie’s Trust.

The most amazing thing I find about these ladies is the fact that before Millie passed away, we didn’t know them – they didn’t know us. Just like many people around the country that raise money for Millie’s Trust, so that we can continue our work. 

Vikki, the fabulous salon owner and the rest of these ladies I now consider friends and I even get my hair done there, here I am at 1am this morning with the lovely Jade …like you do. 

The few weeks running up to Millie’s anniversary are the hardest few weeks of the year for us and it’s such a huge comfort for us to see and hear that so many people are still remembering our little girlie in many different ways. 

(5am and still going strong)

These ladies are just coming up to the last stretch of their 24 hour hairdressing event and have worked so hard overnight and we would love it if you could show your support by texting a little donation in to help them get through to 12pm.

If you are local and have some spare time this morning, you can still pop along, say hello and may drop a little donation off. It was lovely to see members of the community popping by through the night showing their support including the lovely gent who had just nipped out to pick a takeaway up and this lovely lady who turned up at 2.30am and went home with two of our soft toy giraffe 😀.

  • Text HAIR12 £3 to 70070

Or use this Just Giving Link –CLICK HERE

They even had Georgie working hard in the early hours of this morning! 

Thank you to everyone taking part in #milliesmadness this October. 

To find out who the first 10 nurseries in England are to achieve Millie’s Mark – Click here 

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