Four years and counting 

As our darling daughter’s 4th anniversary draws to a close, it still feels like only yesterday when we last held her in our arms for the very last time.

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You cannot imagine the immeasurable pain that you feel when you lose a child, unless you have sadly been through this yourself and for those that haven’t, we would never even want you to try and imagine.

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The hardest part of Millie’s anniversary?

Every time we look at the clock we are right back in that day and we know exactly what we were doing and who we were with. As I write this now, I know that we were about to leave the hospital after being there for over 7 hours, knowing that instead of coming home with us, our daughter was about to be taken to the mortuary, which is where the next place we saw her would be. 

TEXT MILL04 £4 to 70070 to help us reach our £4,000 target in Millie’s memory today. 

At 12.30pm today, I was thinking about how I was being taken to hospital thinking that I was going to see my daughter sat up smiling at me when I walked in, how wrong was I? 

At the same time today, we were arriving at our daughter’s sleeping place with lots of lovely balloons that our lovely friend Jay had once again put together for us, some to stay at Millie’s sleeping place, the others to send to the clouds at the time that she officially passed away, so that Millie could play with them – Leo enjoyed releasing the balloons today and watching them float away.

Time. It doesn’t heal. It’s a lie. People say this to you because they aren’t sure what else to say. It doesn’t get easier and it doesn’t heal – nothing can heal this type of pain, nothing can ever heal the loss of a child. You learn to live with it. You learn to live with your new way of life. 

Our heart goes out to every parent who has ever lost a child, at whatever age.

TEXT MILL04 £4 to 70070 to help us reach our £4,000 target in Millie’s memory today. 

It’s very important to us that Leo, Millie’s little brother, grows up knowing everything about her and also that we still always smile so he does too. 

This was him today playing at the park just twenty minutes before we left to visit Millie and get through the saddest time of the day for us. He smiles, we smile; we smile, he smiles. It’s the way that it should be – even on our saddest days. 

To all the parents sadly starting out on this journey, or travelling through this journey a little way behind us; it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to smile, it’s ok to scream. 

In fact. It’s okay to do exactly what you want or need to, to help you along this tragic journey.

Kiss your child good morning, kiss your child goodnight,

We could never have truly guessed what was to come with such a fright.

I never would have thought my heart could break with such a pain,

I never could see through the storms and clouds and the never ending rain.

Four years since you were taken, cruelly snatched in just a minute,

We hugged and kissed and smiled and laughed, we never could have foreseen it.

You were stolen with no warning and taken from us so fast,

I never thought I would survive, I truly thought I wouldn’t last. 

Although we grieve through everyday and miss you with our heart,

We always know, that one day we’ll no longer be apart.

Love mummy, daddy and Leo on your 4th anniversary xxxxx

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Did they really do that??? 24 hours … all for Millie x

As we quickly head on towards Millie’s 4th anniversary in less than 2 weeks time, we are once again so overwhelmed with the support that we have during #milliesmadness in Millie’s anniversary month. 

One set of people that I want to tell you about in particular are a group of lovely ladies at a place called V12 Hair Boutique in Cheadle Hulme.

To support this event 

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They have been doing a specific fundraiser now for many years and last night has been their 4th year doing it to raise money for Millie’s Trust. They spend 24 hours hairdressing – (yes throughout the evening) and donate all the pennies to Millie’s Trust.

The most amazing thing I find about these ladies is the fact that before Millie passed away, we didn’t know them – they didn’t know us. Just like many people around the country that raise money for Millie’s Trust, so that we can continue our work. 

Vikki, the fabulous salon owner and the rest of these ladies I now consider friends and I even get my hair done there, here I am at 1am this morning with the lovely Jade …like you do. 

The few weeks running up to Millie’s anniversary are the hardest few weeks of the year for us and it’s such a huge comfort for us to see and hear that so many people are still remembering our little girlie in many different ways. 

(5am and still going strong)

These ladies are just coming up to the last stretch of their 24 hour hairdressing event and have worked so hard overnight and we would love it if you could show your support by texting a little donation in to help them get through to 12pm.

If you are local and have some spare time this morning, you can still pop along, say hello and may drop a little donation off. It was lovely to see members of the community popping by through the night showing their support including the lovely gent who had just nipped out to pick a takeaway up and this lovely lady who turned up at 2.30am and went home with two of our soft toy giraffe 😀.

  • Text HAIR12 £3 to 70070

Or use this Just Giving Link –CLICK HERE

They even had Georgie working hard in the early hours of this morning! 

Thank you to everyone taking part in #milliesmadness this October. 

To find out who the first 10 nurseries in England are to achieve Millie’s Mark – Click here 

Millie’s Mark: England’s first awarded nurseries 

An extremely proud day for us today and it couldn’t come at a more emotional time of year for us, in the run up to Millie’s anniversary in less than 2 weeks time. 

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After many many years of hard work and campaigning for changes regarding paediatric first aid training in nurseries and pre schools, we are at last very proud to announce on behalf of everyone involved with #milliesmark that the first 10 nurseries to be awarded Millie’s Mark in England are;

HeadStart Day Nursery in Horsham, West Sussex

Happy Tots Preschool Play Group in Ipswich

Little People Nursery in Shepherds Bush, London

Sansway House Day Nursery in Bristol

Elm Cottage, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

North Cheshire Jewish Nursery in Greater Manchester 

Granby Nursery in Worksop, Nottingham

Cooperative Childcare Newburn in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Nature Trails Day Nursery in Rugby 

Turnbridge Day Nursery in Goole, East Yorkshire

These are the first 10 nurseries in England to be awarded Millie’s Mark and they should be extremely proud at how hard they have worked to ensure that they gained the mark. 

This is now the time to start questioning your nurseries, encourage them to apply for Millie’s Mark and ensure that all their staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid.

If they say no they are not all trained in paediatric first aid, ask them why? #noexcuses

Parents are able to search for their nearest nursery by using the search bar on the new website by clicking here 

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To understand how a nursery can make an application for the mark and to take a look at the rigorous criteria that they have to get through to gain the mark, you can view the Millie’s Mark website by clicking here

Once a nursery/pre school have been awarded the mark, they are given permission to use the logo throughout the nursery (please note that you have to have permission to use this logo from Millie’s Mark).

We very pleased to see this morning that most of these nurseries are now proudly displaying the Millie’s Mark Logo on their websites, so why not pop and along and have a look.

To see full NDNA Press release, click here

We were very honoured to visit one of the nurseries that are local to us this morning, Elm Cottage Orrishmere with NDNA who are administering the mark. 

The children (and staff) had an amazing time meeting Millie the Giraffe. 

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We now really need you guys to go back onto Facebook to the status where you first saw this blog and like and share as much as you can as we need every parent, pre school and nursery to know about Millie’s Mark! 
If you are of the first 10 awarded nurseries, please do send us your photos showing your Millie’s Mark certificate/celebrations on display in your nursery/pre school. You can send them in via Facebook or Twitter or drop us an email to


To read an open letter about Millie’s Mark – click here 

Once again, congratulations to the first ten nurseries that have achieved Millie’s Mark, we are so proud of you. 

World Mental Health Day 

Sometimes, just because someone doesn’t look like they are struggling or suffering doesn’t mean that they aren’t inside. 

Be nice to everyone. You don’t know what is going on with them. 

Unfortunately mental health illnesses aren’t physical, so you can’t see someone suffering … until something happens or they decide to tell you.

We become good at hiding our thoughts.

We become good at hiding our feelings. 

We become good at pretending to be something we aren’t. 

Even from those that we love. 

It’s what we do to get through our day. 

Today, 10th October 2016 is world mental health day and I couldn’t let it pass without writing a little blog this evening.

I’m not scared of talking about what mental health problems I suffer from and I really wish that everyone in the world could talk open and honestly about it, but we can’t or we don’t because it’s considered a taboo subject, one of many that seem to be taboo in our lives. 

I suffer from depression.

I suffer from anxiety.

I suffer from PTSD.

I suffer from panic attacks.

I smile.

I laugh.

I go to the gym.

I go to the cinema.
I cry. 

I curl up in bed hoping it’s all been a horrendous dream. 

I scream. 

I become a recluse and don’t like to spend time with people. 

Like many other people, I go from one extreme to the the other. I cry. I laugh. I smile. I scream. I have a good day. I have a bad day. It’s a constant cycle and although I know that I am out of the worst of what I was to go through, I know that in my heart I will always suffer from these illnesses one way or another. 

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I have triggers. I can be having a good day and then I see a blue flashing light flying down the street and the flashbacks will start and my day will end with me just wanting to go home and go to bed and have the day end. I have other triggers that can make me stand in a street frozen to the spot bawling my eyes out for 10 minutes before getting on with my day again.

What I am trying to say is that when you have these illnesses, you never know what type of day you are going to wake up and have. 

Having made plans with friends, I’ve often felt a complete let down and awful friend when I have had to cancel because I’ve had a breakdown and couldn’t cope with doing whatever we had planned. 

Luckily, my close and real friends completely understand why I have to sometimes drop out of pre-arranged plans or change it for another time because they take the time to understand what I suffer from and remind me that I’m not a bad friend and that changing plans don’t normally matter. 

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But actually making plans nowadays is a complete triumph because 3 years ago when I was in an extremely bad place, I wouldn’t even make plans. And if you are reading this now and you know that you don’t make plans, I hope that you can see your future and I hope that I can help you to realise that one day you will make plans again… even if you have to cancel and rearrange – it doesn’t matter.

No one wants to have a mental health illness, many people never think they will never suffer from this type of illness. 

I certainly didn’t think that I would.

The only problem being is that I had no idea what life had planned to throw in my path, a challenge that I was either going to come out of or one that was going to end my life. Luckily, I was able to access medical help, I worked hard to help myself get through this horrendous time and I have had amazing support from friends and family. I’ve lost many friends on the way that were unable to understand my situation or even that they did not know how to even speak to me. To be honest, just a simple hello would have done some days and many times we didn’t even get that. 


If you suffer from mental health illnesses, talk about it. If you can find the courage deep down inside of you, that we all have – you may just help someone else who is suffering in silence.

If you have a friend who you have thought  of whilst reading this blog. Drop them a text, say hi, tell them that you were thinking of them and you might just make them smile at the end of a bad day. 

Do it now. Text whoever you are thinking of. 




Letter from us 

This week I wrote an open letter to be featured in media articles about the development of Millie’s Mark. October is so, so hard for us but our daughter’s legacy is happening right now and we could not be prouder.

Please keep reading to see what I wrote. 

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We have very exciting times coming up next week  as we are FINALLY able to reveal which 10 nurseries have been awarded the first 10 Millie’s Mark award in England! We are so very excited about this and cannot wait to show you who they are! 

Here is the short letter. Please like and share and tag any of your parent friends in the Facebook post and let them know about #milliesmark. 

Apply for Millie’s Mark by clicking here.

“All parents want to ensure that their children will be looked after appropriately if an unfortunate accident was to happen. Knowing that all staff working with children in the nursery are trained gives parents that little bit of extra comfort when they have to walk away from the nursery on that emotional first day.

We are extremely pleased that the first 10 nurseries from the pilot scheme have now been awarded Millie’s Mark. This is a fantastic achievement for every single person that signed the original petition.

Above and beyond

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Working with NDNA, which is delivering the mark, has been a great experience and a positive learning curve for everyone on the team. Together with the DfE, we’ve been able to shape the assessment process that all the settings that sign up have to go through.

NDNA completely understands why Millie’s Mark is such an important thing – not only for us as Millie’s parents, but for thousands of other parents across England.

We are encouraged that so many nurseries are training above and beyond the current legal requirements to meet the stringent and comprehensive criteria of Millie’s Mark, and that first aiders in nurseries are supported to work as teams rather than as individuals to ensure the correct emergency treatment is given. We look forward to seeing Millie’s Mark appearing in more nurseries throughout England in the coming months.”

So as you can see, what I wrote was short and sweet but what I wrote pretty much sums it up. 

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This Mark is such an important development for the childcare sector and this sets the standard for what parents should be looking for – 100% trained staff, no excuses. There shouldn’t be any excuses because anyone who works with children should want the best for them and should know how to look after them if something was to happen.

Don’t forget to come back next week to find out who the first 10 nurseries are! 

Once we can reveal, we will announce on Facebook, Twitter and this blog! 


Please note that the Millie’s Mark Logo is trademarked and is only able for use by awarded establishments

For more information, visit or follow @Milliestrust
You can also visit