A little one on the way x 

Some of you know that I’ve been quite ill recently, I think this photo should explain it to you all, I don’t think it needs many words… 

Yep, another Baby Thompson is on the way … a little brother or sister for Millie and Leo xxx

Of course, following my miscarriage last November , we are very happy that I’m pregnant again but it’s been a rough first few months both physically and mentally but we can’t meet to wait our new Rainbow later this year.

I will be blogging throughout this pregnancy about pregnancy after loss, how I get on with this pregnancy in general and of course pregnancy with a toddler in tow! Follow my blog on Facebook to see my most recent ramblings first. Click here to follow 

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20 thoughts on “A little one on the way x 

  1. Steph

    Such wonderful news!!! Congratulations!
    I’m sure baby will be so proud of all you both do for their big sisters memory!
    I recently did a f.a. Course through yourselves a few weeks ago. Absolutely amazing the lives that will be saved in millies memory! X

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  2. Marie

    Oh my I’m absolutely over the moon for you, such fantastic wonderful news for you Dan Millie and Leo, your new rainbow in the way, love to you all, Marie xxx🌈

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  3. sally

    congratulations to you both. did wonder if you were earlier when I saw the post about being too ill to be in London for the marathon. I hope you sail through the rest of your pregnancy xx

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  4. Allison Hilton

    I was going to ask you earlier if it was morning sickness when you said you weren’t able to travel to London to watch Steve, but I didn’t want to to pry and upset you if you weren’t.
    I am so happy for you all.
    Much love
    Allison xxx

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  5. Sue

    So happy for your little blessing. Sending you all love, laughs, health and a lifetime of happiness. I don’t know you personally but I have followed you throughout all your sadness and your happy times. You really are an inspiration to us all. Take care lots of love sue xxx keep doing what your doing. Xxx

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  6. Catt

    Over the moon for you, I’m also pregnant after having 2 previous miscarriages! It’s exciting but upsetting st the same time but I’m so glad everything is okay! Xxx

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  7. Charon Powell

    So happy for you all Jo and hope all goes well for rest of pregnancy too – take it easy too but I’m sure Dan will make sure you do anyway, love to you all xx

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