I promised pregnancy updates ….. 

Come on ladies, be honest with me now … are you team “I love being pregnant and could do it every day for the rest of my life” or team “Come on, this has got

Come on ladies, be honest with me now … are you team “I love being pregnant and could do it every day for the rest of my life” or team “Come on, this has got to be over soon”

I would love to be one of those women who absolutely adore being pregnant, bloom when they should and sail through it all with no problems …. but just to make all the pregnant ladies feel better that don’t feel like that … I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum …. this has pretty much been me for most of this pregnancy so far…

One of the biggest reasons that I wish I felt good when pregnant is that because I’ve lost Millie and had a miscarriage, I carry this awful guilt around with me constantly were I think I should be thankful I can have more children and I should just get on with it and suffer with these awful illnesses as the outcome is worth it all. 

I’ve suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) for the majority of this pregnancy. I mean, I have been sick very badly with Millie and Leo but this time has been something else, some days it has been non stop pretty much from waking up to going to sleep. The strange thing is though, is this is the exact reason that I knew something was wrong in my third pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage last November – I wasn’t sick, I didn’t even feel sick once. Don’t get me wrong, I know each pregnancy can be different – that you can be really ill one pregnancy and glowing the next, but I knew. 

Even after 2 awful sickness pregnancies with Millie and Leo and then having the miscarriage, I was hoping to get an easy ride with this one, but nooooooooo – it came back with a vengeance. I’ve been gradually coming out of it over the past 2 weeks and touchwood, I’ve just felt sick all day for 2 weeks – no doubt it will start again.

This smile below … this is what I want to look like 😂 I’ve got no chance 😂 For the record, none of my pregnancies have been easy going.

Then, of course there is the tiredness. Now this is never standard tiredness with me! It completely knocks me out- exhaustion doesn’t ever cover it. I can’t function, I can’t eat, I can’t shower, I can hardly talk. I’ve never seen anyone like it or heard anyone talk about being like this and again doubled with the sickness has left me feeling absolutely horrendous. 

Make me feel a little better ladies, tell me your stories… I know I’m not the only one. I can’t be 😕. 

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It does turn out though, that some tests came back to show that I have a problem with my iron – so much so, that I’m now on quite a high does of medication that has finally gotten me back on my feet, just!

And then I caught a bloody cold! I was so angry, I’d not been out of the house for nearly four weeks and I came down with the world’s worst cold on top of everything else …. made worse by the fact Dan and Leo were fine which one of them had kindly carried it in for me! 

This time has been different too. 

When I was ill with my pregnancy with Leo, I was struggling, of course I was, I’d lost Millie. I was so scared and frightened but Dan was by my side every step of the way, just like he has been this time. 
Except, now there’s a toddler in the equation in the middle of all this illness. Leo being a toddler is not the problem at all – me feeling like I can’t be a proper mum to him because I’m so ill, that’s the problem. 

(Not a care in the world 😍😍😍)

Not being able to pick him up.

Not being able to bathe him.

Not being able to change his nappy on the changing mat as I couldn’t lift him up.

Not being able cuddle him properly when he’s hurt himself.

Missing out on him playing and laughing because I was so exhausted that I couldn’t  keep my eyes open ….

That hurt. In fact it ripped me apart inside. This big beaming smile coming running into me in the morning and I couldn’t even muster the energy to throw him up into the bed with us; actually – this has led to him mastering leg swinging, I’ll class that as helping his skill building 😉. 

But then my black dog came back to haunt me. The feelings of uselessness about not being able to feel like a proper mum. The wanting to close my eyes and not wake up again. The thoughts that Dan and Leo would be better off without me because I am such a burden when I’m so ill and lacking basic human functionalities to get through a day. 

I knew it was bad and I realised I needed some help. I was so close to asking for  anti-depressants again, I wanted that release of feeling numb and the pain going away. I was so angry with myself wanting these tablets again, especially when I’m pregnant. I’m a complete advocate for if you need anti-depressants then there should be no shame in taking them – but my shame was because I was on them for such a long period of time after we lost Millie and that I worked so hard to get off them with the fantastic mental health support from the NHS; that I was disgusted in myself for wanting to what to me seemed was an easy way out. In my head, when I’m feeling okay, I know it’s not any easy way out taking anti-depressants – because even just admitting that you need help is one of the hardest things to do, it’s an alternative way out, not an easy way out. 

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This all gets to me even more so because I never needed anything like this before we lost Millie and now I feel like it’s never going to do away, that at the most difficult times in my life, at any point in the future I could fall again and that’s so scary. It’s really scary and I know that so many of you who suffer from a mental illness feel like this too at the back of your mind. 

As it turns out, my psychologist had left me a voicemail on one of these awful days and when I picked it up, it’s just what I needed to hear. She wanted to know if I was ok with my pregnancy or if I needed any help. I’d never responded to anything as quickly in my life. 

I’d been asked previously at my pregnancy booking appointment if I wanted access to any pregnancy mental health services and I’d said yes because I knew I was going downhill – a combination of mixed emotions about Millie and I was starting to realise that I hadn’t really dealt with my miscarriage well – I’d kept myself busy and distracted after it happened and the effects were now starting to show.

I’ve started to see my psychologist again now. I’m going to be honest. I hate it. Don’t worry, if my psychologist reads this, (I’m not sure if she does read my blog) she already knows this. I hate it because it really hurts, it’s so emotionally painful. We’re doing EMDR again and it knocks me for six and takes me a few days to feel slightly normal again… but …  I know the benefits and I know how it helped me last time.

And just to finish this off on a laughable note for you, I just got my bump stuck in between the side of the bins and our house, go on, have a good laugh.. Dan did 🙈.

I’m not going to ramble anymore, this blog is longer than I intended already …. catch up in a few days xxx

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  1. I was the happy glowing “I love pregnancy” one with my first pregnancy. 7 years later, and wow did my 2nd pregnancy wipe the smug smile off my face. I disliked every minute of it, I was sick, exhausted and couldn’t walk for long because of my hips and pelvis.
    I really don’t like the sentiment of “thank your lucky stars you are pregnant, it’s a blessing, you should treasure every minute.” I don’t need strangers telling me I am lucky, I know I am lucky, and I am so thankful, but sometimes pregnancy sucks.
    Hope you feel better soon, and good luck with everything, your blog’s inspire me 😘

  2. I wasn’t sick thank god but I felt hurrendous until about 16 weeks! Constantly felt like I was on 5% battery everything was such an effort yet I couldn’t sleep until I got in bed at night. I’m awful when I feel ill I hate it and it gets me
    Upset. So feeling nauseous and dizzy teamed with awful pregnancy headaches made me just cry like a baby all the time haha I had a fair few meltdowns in the middle of tesco where my head was banging and I felt like I was going to faint! My other half just tried to get me to go home, not sure he knew what to do with me! Once the nausea went though the rest of my pregnancy ran pretty smoothly right upto 38 weeks when I was induced so I’m quite lucky really! I feel for women like you who are throwing up constantly I’m not sure how you cope! You though, you’re amazingly strong already you can cope with pregnancy sickness you’ve beaten much worse! And with Leo grinning at you I’m sure you’ll be feeling a bit better soon hopefully! Xx

  3. Yeah, I’m convinced women who say they LOVED pregnancy are lying… 😉 There are certain aspects I love, but it’s definitely a means to an end. My second was much more grueling than the first. With my first I had a 4-6 week stretch when it felt impossible to breathe. I was having some hip pain as well…some other unpleasant discomfort. With my daughter I had a similar pregnancy, but it was OH so much worse. I struggled to breathe for most of the pregnancy…even when she dropped. AND, I was dealing with a toddler who was adamant I carry him or was generally opposed to diaper changes…I would feel so winded I’d get light headed sometimes. I was having pretty intense hip and calf pains as well from overnight, but the discomfort would last for hours after waking. With my son, I’d mostly be fine after my body warmed to movement…so pretty quickly. An added bonus was Gestational Diabetes with my daughter. I’m phobic of needles, and as much as I can intellectualize it isn’t a biggie…It was a biggie. I needed one dose of insulin before bed. In general managing GD is a tremendous drain. I’m an exceptional foodie, and I would HATE the prospect of eating because I had to think about EVERYTHING…what I ate, how much, when, balancing my numbers, tweaking this…half the time the tweak wouldn’t matter… I also get emotionally EXTREMELY dysregulated which makes me quite pleasant to be around…just waves of hormonal irritation or sadness I can’t do anything about until it passes. BUT, I don’t tend to get sick…It’s my indication that things won’t turn out…I get sick. Happened with a couple of my losses before my daughter’s pregnancy. Was pretty sick a few weeks ago with that loss…and the one before that six months ago.

    Easy to feel guilty…about everything. Pregnancy stinks. It takes a toll on your body because growing a human is hard work. Take care of yourself, and hating this process is not a reflection on your love for the baby. They are entirely separate. Even after the kid is born, I betcha you will be unhappy with this or that…I’m sure you know. I adore my son, but simultaneously I recognize he can be a raging douche on a regular basis. I certainly don’t love those pieces to parenting. But, the good stuff is incredible. Can’t love every minute of everything. However, you are a writer, so the bad stuff makes for better stories…

    1. Awww what a lovely message! Thank you! It’s interesting to see how many people have responded tonight saying they aren’t keen on it.

      I struggle to breathe too – in all of my pregnancies I’ve had to rely on an inhaler and never got to the bottom of why x

      So sorry to hear about your losses too x

      1. My apologies for the delay! I never needed an inhaler, but man was it miserable. I chalked it up to having a petit frame.

        The losses were very early…sometimes I was barely late. They mostly lost their sting once I became pregnant with and birthed my daughter. The more recent ones have been easier to manage as that is what a geriatric mother and daddy trend, I guess…more likely to have a chromosomal abnormality. Never easy to lose a baby, but it is what it is, and hopefully I will have my third at the end of the toil… It’s a funny thing though. Even without the sting I play the numbers game…counting age differences between young siblings. Making assumptions about the conception journey of others. I guess loss has a way of sticking in some form, even without getting to know the life.

        My thoughts with you because I can’t imagine how hard the process is at times for you. Be well!

  4. you should be so proud of your self. I suffered with the intense sickness and was hospitalised with it. it’s horroundous… your not alone. remember the end is in sight xx

  5. I can understand the sickness and the guilt problems very well. My first pregnancy was brill but I was naive and didnt appreciate it enough, if I’m being honest. I then had a miscarriage and then an ectopic. Finally I was pregnant again but had severe itching and hyperemes. I felt so bad about not being a “proper ” mum and using convenience frozen meals etc. He was born 3 weeks early with complications. Another miscarriage and then another horrendous pregnancy and delivery with even more complications and an intensive care stay for bubs. The guilt was multiplying as I couldn’t be a mum to any in a proper way for so long. Desperately wanting just one more we eventually got our wish and I’m 17 weeks but feel so ill and tired. Thought I had guilt handled this time but now I’m told I carry group b strep and have a very very high chance of a downs baby. The guilt is back and bigger than ever. Having pure OCD also complicates it.
    Your not alone mummy in wanting to feel happy but feeling ill/guilty but you will get there xx

  6. You are so incredibly brave. I’m one of the lucky ones and feel so sad you are having such a hard time when you of all people deserve a break. Hope you start to feel better soon xx

  7. Jo I am so happy that you are expecting again and yet sad that you have been feeling so rough and either feeling down or depressed. my wish for you is that you dont think too far ahead but take an hour at a time so you can change your mind set. meanwhile you take care of yourself and Dan meanwhile taking care of you and Leo and of course Millies resting place. xx

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