Kisses for big sister 

We all know a photo can speak a thousand words but there are some that just truly make me well up and cry. This is the newest one that makes my tears come within seconds. 

We all know a photo can speak a thousand words but there are some that just truly make me well up and cry. This is the newest one that makes my tears come within seconds. 

Leo often comes with us when we visit Millie, he comes to her sleeping place and he plays with the bubbles that we have down there, he often walks around with her dinosaur and he likes to water the flowers and plants. 

A few months ago, he started to pick up on something that Dan and I do and he’s now doing it all by himself when we visit and I think it’s amazing. 

Some people won’t. Some people will think it’s odd. Some people will think it isn’t right. Some people will love it and some people will smile when they see this photo … 

Leo kisses his big sister (and grandpa who sleeps by her side) goodbye and goodnight and says “bye bye” as he leaves. This makes me so proud, so proud that he has an understanding that mummy and daddy do it, so it must be a good thing. 

I’ve always wanted this to be a normality for him and it is genuinely becoming one. 

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He knows mummy & daddy chat to Millie here when they visit, he is learning that he isn’t to walk on any one else’s resting places, that he has to walk around them but he knows that he is allowed to sit right next to Millie and play with her teddies and toys but he isn’t allowed to touch anyone elses. 

It’s just how we wanted it and we hope that it continues. I hope as he grows up, it’s a place that he still likes to visit and I hope it becomes a place that he can visit on his own when he is older because he wants to and because he feels like he can talk to his big sister, even though he never got the chance to meet her. 

Oh bloody heck, I’m crying again now thinking about that.

I genuinely don’t care in the slightest what anyone thinks about how often we visit Millie, the time we spend down there or the fact that we’ve made it normal for Leo to make him feel comfortable at her sleeping place. 

Growing up, I’ve always visited cemeteries were people around me that we lost we’re buried. In fact, earlier this week – we also paid a visit to my grandma & grandad’s resting place and took them some flowers and Leo did the same things, watered the flowers and arranged them how he wanted, it genuinely is a lovely thing to see a young child doing and when he’s old enough to ask me questions, we are ready with an open heart to answer anything that he wants to know.

I’d love to know how you feel about children in particular visiting sleeping places of loved ones, it genuinely is an interesting topic for people to discuss, even if it is a taboo subject for some. xx

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0 thoughts on “Kisses for big sister 

  1. Well I just love it!! My girls aged 6&5 always kiss and hug my mum and dad’s gravestone! I have always taken them there and when my mum joined my Dad there 2 1/2 years ago. I did think am I doing the right thing…………….but Yes i was and am it is the right thing for me and my girls. Unfortunately death is a very big part of life and everyone deals with it differently! My girls think that my mum and dad are in the moon and stars watching over us and now they send us white feathers to show us thy are with us! love your blogs xxxxxx beautiful picture xxxxxx

  2. I’m crying buckets! When I read about how Leo kisses Millie’s grave like Mummy and Daddy do. My heart breaks for you that’s as close to baby Millie and giving her a kiss goodnight you can. I think it’s beautiful what you do. Just because Leo never met Millie she is still a massive important person in his life as she is to you and your husband and all your family. She’s his big sister. Don’t worry what other people think you. Everyone is different and everyone finds comfort in their own ways however personally I think I’d be the same as you. Lots if love to you all xxxx

  3. I think its beautiful that Leo visits Millie’s resting place and kisses her goodbye. I have read so many of your blog posts and when I clicked on this on the Manchester bloggers page it brought a tear to my eye, I cried when I read the rest of it!! You and your husband do a truly amazing job keeping Millie’s memory alive and you shouldbe so proud of yourself, and for raising Leo to be such a kind and caring little boy!!

    Sending my love from Cheadle Hulme x

  4. My grandparents don’t have graves, but they have memorial trees at a beautiful arboretum. We would hug the trees as kids, and still do now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them talking to the trees, I always tell my grandma what I’ve been up too 🙂

  5. I think that it is great that Leo knows & loves his big sister, he will grow up to be a very caring man. I have my husbands ashes here at home & i talk to him all the time & he has his own special corner in my lounge room. Keep doing what you are doing.

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