We have a little secret

We have a confession to make and a little secret to tell you …. with it being Millie’s Anniversary yesterday, we decided to hold off on announcing this …. we had a small addition to the family this weekend … our baby was born 💙.

With it being Millie’s anniversary yesterday, we were struggling anyway but even more so over the past few days, I have been an emotional wreck …. so haven’t been able to sit and write a blog announcement yet.

So, here’s a little pic of Leo and his little brother and when I get chance later today or tomorrow, you’ll get to discover his name and when he arrived. 😀 x


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47 thoughts on “We have a little secret

  1. Ffion thomas

    Congratulations sometimes babies are born at certain times to make things just a little easier for us!! My little girl due date was exactly 2 years sincemy dad died! She came the day before but it makes that time of just a little easier!! Xxxx


  2. Suzanne Davis

    Congratulations x my son passed away on my other sons birthday we always have a joint celebration of Liam’s life along with Elliott’s birthday. It’s a day of bitter sweet but we do it, I set time aside for remembering Liam and I’m kind of thankful (if that’s the right phrase) that I know what I’m doing that day because without Elliott’s birthday who knows x

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  3. Ann Coles

    Congratulations wonderful news, your little angel hates to see you struggling so has stepped in to help for future anniversarys, you will always miss her and love her but you will now always have a happy event to celebrate at this time too, our angels do look after us, enjoy your new baby and this special family time with your loved ones. X X X

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  4. Nicola

    Congratulations guys xxxxx. Millie sent her little brother to ease your pain and make the time around her loss a joyous occasion again xxxxxx. Huge hugs to you all. You are such an amazing family.


  5. Lynda Linnane

    Aw that’s such wonderful news!!! Congratulations to the 3 of you on your new little boy xxx thinking of Millie this week also xxx must be difficult for you to manage all those different emotions….. xxx


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  7. Vicky

    Congratulations on the birth of yere little man. No doubt yesterday was a hard day as is every day for ye but I’m sure Millie is looking down on you all . Sending hugs and kisses to you all. ❤💙💙xxx

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  8. Sara Andrews

    Look after your little family Hun, don’t worry about the blog. We are all here for when you have the time to tell us about your beautiful new addition but don’t prioritise it. Your emotions will be all over the place from having a baby never mind all the extra pressure and stress you are under. Concentrate on yourself honey xx 😘

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