Swimming Update

It’s been a whole 6 months since Leo started swimming lessons with Swimabout in Cheadle Hulme, so I thought I’d give you an update on how he’s doing! You can read about what happened when we first took him here.

…. So fast forward to this weekend and we’ve just started Leo on his third term and he is doing absolutely fabulous and has recently received his Duckling 2 Award!

Leo has gone from being extremely clingy in the pool to absolutely loving the water. He’s been having his lessons and for the past few months we’ve also been taking him more as a family with Asher coming too – I’m hoping that Asher will want to copy Leo as they get older and he won’t be as clingy in the water.

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Swimabout have the children use Swimfin and we had never seen these before we started lessons there but we think they are amazing and the best thing is that Leo actually likes wearing it.

I had never seen children being taught with anything other than armbands so watching the children progress using these fins has been an eye opener but we would definitely recommend them for helping children learn to swim.

The staff at Swimabout are absolutely fabulous with the children and you can see the confidence growing in the children every week as they splash around and laugh in the pool. It’s very much all about making the learning fun at this stage for them and it’s brilliant.

For us as parents, it’s fabulous to see that Leo has gained the confidence to be in the pool with someone other than Dan and I and to see that he genuinely enjoys it.

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Swimfin kindly sent Leo the perfect bag for swimming which fits all his swimming gear in, including his swimfin and when you put it in the special pocket, they look like a shark! Also Fully waterproof which makes it fantastic.

And how cute does he look in this video running to his swimming lesson with it on his back 💕💕💕.

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In the photo below, Leo’s also showing you Swinfin’s Funky Floaties which are fantastic for encouraging your children to swim further in the pool … we get Leo to chase them and then just move further away from him without him realising, they’re really helping him to increase his distance and build his stamina in the pool and they taught him the words, turtle, dolphin and crab! 💙

Seriously though learning to swim should be so fun and it’s so important to ensure their safety in and near water in every day life and especially when on holiday too and as you can imagine, Dan and I are overly cautious with safety issues after losing Millie.

When we first started taking Leo to swimabout , I genuinely wasn’t sure that we were going to be able to handle it, handing Leo to someone else to look after in a pool…six months down the line and sat on the sidelines with our littlest one Asher, we couldn’t be prouder of our little Leo for taking part and enjoying himself and we are quite proud of ourselves for allowing him. The staff have been brilliant with us and we would highly recommend Swimabout if you are local to Stockport and want to see your child gain the fabulous confidence that our Leo has and we cannot wait for Asher to be old enough to start classes there too. xxx

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First steps … 

Not many words are needed in this blog ….

Leo has taken his first steps today , 😀😀😀 very proud parent moment and obviously extremely emotional for us … read further on to see a short video clip 

Here is a note from Leo

Daddy, I took my first proper steps today because I want to chase you in the London marathon in April 😀. I’m only joking daddy but maybe when I am old enough, I can follow in your footsteps and run the London marathon too, maybe?!?

Love Leo xxx



You never know, maybe one day Leo will fancy running the London marathon 😀

Contrary to popular belief 😂, I do not always have a camera in my hand, although sometimes it may look like I do (I can’t resist, I was the same with Millie and I am so glad that I was like that. I’m even worse with Leo X) 

Anyway, if you CLICK HERE, you can see Leo taking a few steps, it’s a little blurred and not his actual “first steps” but not long after.

Very luckily for us as well, both Dan and I were in the house when Leo started to walk and I managed to shout Dan straight away. (Lucky we picked this week to have a few days off 😀) 


Daddy is running the London Marathon in just less than 4 weeks, please use the link below or CLICK HERE or text DANT01 £3 to 70070


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