First steps … 

Not many words are needed in this blog ….

Leo has taken his first steps today , 😀😀😀 very proud parent moment and obviously extremely emotional for us … read further on to see a short video clip 

Here is a note from Leo

Daddy, I took my first proper steps today because I want to chase you in the London marathon in April 😀. I’m only joking daddy but maybe when I am old enough, I can follow in your footsteps and run the London marathon too, maybe?!?

Love Leo xxx



You never know, maybe one day Leo will fancy running the London marathon 😀

Contrary to popular belief 😂, I do not always have a camera in my hand, although sometimes it may look like I do (I can’t resist, I was the same with Millie and I am so glad that I was like that. I’m even worse with Leo X) 

Anyway, if you CLICK HERE, you can see Leo taking a few steps, it’s a little blurred and not his actual “first steps” but not long after.

Very luckily for us as well, both Dan and I were in the house when Leo started to walk and I managed to shout Dan straight away. (Lucky we picked this week to have a few days off 😀) 


Daddy is running the London Marathon in just less than 4 weeks, please use the link below or CLICK HERE or text DANT01 £3 to 70070

To read my previous blog, I LIKE YOGHURTS I DO, CLICK HERE 

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