Epic love for family photographs

Many of you took a liking to my fabulous photograph that Sharon Wallis of Bramhall teased us with last week and now we have seen the final photos including an amazing one of Daddy and Asher, these are so special as we have similar ones with Leo and I regret so much not having them done with Millie – it never even crossed my mind to have professional shots done with Millie when she was born.

So, I’ll leave this one here.

Look how fabulous it is. We all go on about that mums should have their photos taken with with their children; but dads are equally as special and they should too.

To see my photograph click here

And if that wasn’t enough to melt your heart, check out the one below of big brother looking after little brother.

I’m so in love with all these amazing and special photographs. Sharon has a truly amazing talent to be able to capture images as stunning as these.

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Photo Credits: Sharon Wallis

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Unphotographable baby smiles – v – Unforgettable baby smiles

What a deceiving title … 

      Baby smiles… The most gorgeous thing in the world … Millie and Leo have smiled around the same time in their development, from around 6 weeks. We have so many photos of our gorgeous little girlie smiling … and I love every single one of them … Leo up until now ( he is now 10 weeks ) has been   “unphotographable” ( I don’t actually know if that is actually a real word )  not because I haven’t wanted to take his photo and not because I can’t take his photo … Then why ??? It’s because every time he has smiled in the past 4 weeks, we have been so busy smiling back at our gorgeous little man Leo that we haven’t had time to pick a camera up before his smile has gone … Tonight he was smiling a lot and I managed to grab a camera in between his twenty odd smiles and take a few pics … So precious …

People used to laugh at me because I took so many photos of Millie but now I am so glad that I did as we have so many to look back on and every day I look back on an old-new photo, if that makes sense. I love to see my little girlie smile, I really miss that. 

Technology is such an amazing thing, to be able to capture those moments like smiles , first crawl, first walk … But sometimes you miss being in the moment because you are too busy grabbing for your phone or camera to record it all , to get on Facebook or Twitter or whatever other social media you just happen to use. It’s the same when we walk around , head in our phones reading texts or googling those song lyrics that we have forgotten the name of when we were doing the quiz on the TV.
We need to learn how to be in the moment again, like people were many years ago. We need to smell the trees again, feel the sand beneath our feet and watch our children playing through our own eyes, not through a technological device. 
This is why I love to go on holiday, because when I do, I really do go on holiday. No phone, no texts, no emails, no Facebook, no Twitter , just me and the people I love the most in our own little world. ❤️❤️❤️
It’s kind of a double edged sword isn’t it because on one hand you want to be in the moment and on the other you want to know that you have captured a moment forever.
The truth though, you can always capture the moment in your head, you don’t always need a camera. I can sit and close my eyes and an image of Millie will come to be me from something that has triggered that specific thought; a baby girl with a Lamaze dolly,  a new baby wrapped in the same blanket that Millie had or the smell of baby milk that will conjure an image of Millie so content falling asleep after her milk. Although I love to look at photos of my daughter, I really do, the memories in my own head that come back when I need them to come back with smells, with feelings, with sounds … A lot of the time, as hard as this is, it’s what I need. I need to feel her, to smell her, to hear her.  I find it bizarre that your brain can do this,  but it’s magical … The human mind is a simply amazing thing.
So it’s a tricky one isn’t it … I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. 
Either way, whether it is a physical photograph or a memory that has come back to me, both my baby’s smiles – they are most gorgeous things in the world. 
( ooh and an update, unphotographable is a word – see definition below 😀 )