Pink Unicorns and Green Dragons

So yesterday evening Leo decided that once he had had his bedtime bottle, that he didn’t want to sleep, he wanted to stay up and have a chat … So we did.  Leo was gurgling

So yesterday evening Leo decided that once he had had his bedtime bottle, that he didn’t want to sleep, he wanted to stay up and have a chat … So we did. 

Leo was gurgling away so I began to ask him questions , if he gurgled and smiled that was a yes … If he didn’t make any noise and looked at me funny that was a big fat No Mummy!  You see, so in the story below Leo could have been wearing a sleep suit and playing with purple kangaroos and orange panthers – you get my drift? 

So Leo’s story went like this, 

Leo was on a big hill wearing a pair of jeans and a cardigan. Whilst he was walking across the hill he  saw some pink unicorns galloping towards him and some green dragons flying through the sky. One of the green Dragons came and landed next to him and he began to pat his head – as he did so, 2 white sheep came sauntering over to find out what was going on and why there was a green dragon on their hill.

The two white sheep clearly wanted some attention and began to lick Leo on the head, Leo didn’t like this so he asked them to go away and spent the rest of the day sunbathing with the big green dragon until he had to fly home to his mummy and daddy.

Pink Unicorn Credit 

Green Dragaon Credit 

So tonight, I’ve taught Leo’s daddy how to make stories up with Leo , their story went like this 

Leo saw three yellow cats up a tree in Luxembourg and they were picking pears and then they fell asleep and started to dream about milk.

 Luxembourg credit

Yellow Cat Credit

Pear Credit

I swear, it’s hilarious and I promise you’ll never get the same story twice as “baby/child” determines all the decisions without even knowing it.

This is what I’ve missed, this was one of the biggest things that went with Millie when we lost her, having fun and being daft with this amazing little person that we created together. Smiling at the daftest of things and sitting there making ridiculous but important stories up for your baby. Now it’s back. 

I’ve always been a great fan of reading, I will literally read anything. I’ll always remember my Grandad Arthur laughing at me when I used to go in his house when I was really little and grab the newspaper and lie in front of the fire reading it – this is probably one of my earliest memories as a child. I loved to write as a child too. From a very early age I used to love creative writing (I don’t even know if they still call it this in schools) and writing for other people – it’s funny how you pick things up again years later isn’t it. 

Because of all this, I wanted Millie and I want Leo to enjoy reading as much as I did. I still read to Millie sometimes when I go to visit her ,for a long time I read a story a day to her when we were in our worst place, the stories were from a book that we used to read to her before bed every night but now it’s just when I feel the need or just because I want to. 

Leo’s book collection is already looking pretty good, it’s got a mixture of Millie’s books and new books in there that we keep picking up for Leo – even Dan can’t resist picking them up, I’m pretty sure that he added two to the basket the other day in Chester. 

Leo is becoming more and more of a character every day. Today hasn’t been fun for him as he has had his 16 week injections 😖. To be fair he isn’t too bad, screams his head off whilst the injection is going in and then for about 10 seconds after and then he was fine! Poor little man, that last injection seemed to be a long one … But no more until he is 1 year old , I think. Flashback again today because of this as I clearly remember taking Millie for her injections but she never made it to the next batch of injections. The nurse is still the same lady and she even uses the same rainmaker to distract the babies after they have had their injections – I actually bought Millie a rainmaker after her injections as I realised how much she liked it! 

So anyway, seriously, do try the story making with you baby/child – I promise I’m not mad, it’s actually really fun. 

To end tonight’s blog, I thought I’d add a little photo of how I found Leo at 4am this morning in his cot – and no I didn’t put him in this way 😀. (keep reading after the photo please) 


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