Father’s Day 

Daddy I’m here, I’m just by your side, I’m here all the time, more so when you’ve cried.  I know you still miss me with each passing day, I’m sorry I left you,I know you

Daddy I’m here, I’m just by your side,

I’m here all the time, more so when you’ve cried. 

I know you still miss me with each passing day,

I’m sorry I left you,I know you didn’t want it this way. 
I know it is Father’s Day and you have it so tough, 

But I’m here, don’t forget, I’m here with my love.

I know I can’t hug you or give you a kiss,

But daddy I love you, I also feel miss. 

I wish I was there to make you breakfast in bed,

And wake you up loudly by bouncing on your tired head. 

But I’m not, I am gone, from this world where you live, 

But my brother is here, I sent you him as a gift.

I hand picked him myself from the world where I stay, 
I hope that you love him, because I made him my way. 

I picked out his smile and the colour in his eyes,

I even picked out the way he sleeps, rests and lies. 

I picked out his toes and his little button nose, 

I couldn’t resist, the same as mine that I chose.

I like to remind you that he is part of me,

We’ve the same mum and dad, of course it’s to be.

So daddy I know that it’s a very special day, 

I want you to celebrate and with Leo you’ll play.

I know you’ll feel sad when you open my card,

I know you find this day so very very hard. 

But please don’t forget that wherever you are,

I’m there by your side, I’m never that far. 

Miss is so much heavier on these very special days,
We learn to deal with them in our unique ways. 

I love you daddy, love Millie xxxxx

So daddy, mum tells me that this day it is yours,
To do what you want and get out of the chores.

Mum picked out a card and wrote it from me,

Big sis got her own, she likes to run free. 

So I’ll give you a kiss and an extra long hug, 

And I’ll make it last longer, with extra from high up above.

If you squeeze me real tight and make me giggle and smile. 

Millie will feel it, it’ll only take a short while. 

Each time that you hug me, I send a little her way,

I know all about her, I learn more everyday. 

I’ve got you some presents, including some beer, 

Come give me a cuddle, I’m your son and I am here. 

I know you miss Millie, I see the tears in your eyes, 

But I promise you daddy, I’ll make today so worthwhile! 

I love you to bits and I know you love me, 

Millie picking me out, it was just meant to be. 

So today, we will smile and have some good fun,

Until we’ve all used all our energy and we are completely, utterly done! 
Happy Father’s Day daddy, love Leo xxx





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0 thoughts on “Father’s Day 

  1. Just so beautiful, it’s a long time since a piece of poetry has moved me so much, and what is even more sad, is that this is a true story. Wishing you some happiness today. Xx

  2. Crying my eyes out Joanne. What beautiful words, more powerful as they’re true.Sending lots of love to Millie and Leo’s daddy. I haven’t got mine so all my love to you Dan on this Father’s Day. Hugs to Jo,Millie and Leo xxx

  3. How lovely is this! Was thinking a lot about the little boy Harry we lost in the family, and how his daddy must be feeling today. It’s true you really don’t think about the daddy in a situation like that, you naturally think about how a mummy would feel and a dad later. I loved both poems but the first one with Millie really made me smile. I hope you don’t mind I pinched some of it and shared it with Harry’s mummy and daddy, I think it would put a smile on their face 🙂 you’re so clever with these things, I’ve always loved the poems you write about Millie both you and Dan. Honestly think you could write a book with all these lovely pieces in, it really would touch so many people! Xx

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