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Taking a trip through security at Manchester Airport and one of the security girls remarks, “I follow your page on Facebook, good job” – enough to make smile for just a few seconds longer in

Taking a trip through security at Manchester Airport and one of the security girls remarks, “I follow your page on Facebook, good job” – enough to make smile for just a few seconds longer in my day. Thanks lady, I needed the little perk up at that time.

You see, we were on our way for my 30th birthday treat, a week in Cape Verde. Never been there before, wanted somewhere hot, wanted somewhere peaceful, wanted somewhere new. Pretty much fit the bill.

Now this trip, we booked when I was about 8 months pregnant, not long after I booked Tough Mudder 😂. I have no idea what possessed me to book a holiday so close to the day I was doing Tough Mudder, ok I am totally guessing here that I was thinking that I was going to need the break after completing TM… I certainly wasn’t thinking about the bruises that my body would be covered in (check out the pic below) … So for anyone that may have seen me on holiday or out and about at home, no one did this to me, no one gave me these bruises other than them being self inflicted via Tough Mudder. I’m not kidding when I say this, some of them were (and still are) tennis ball sized. In fact, now they are a couple of weeks old, the colouring of the bruises are more consistent with the colouring of a standard yellow tennis ball ….. 😁 

On this note, thank you to everyone who sponsored me for Tough Mudder and if you think after seeing one of my bruise pics above I deserve any extra few pennies, you can still donate by clicking here.

I still struggle doing things of enjoyment that Millie should be taking part in, particular big events such as my 30th birthday celebrations. I had a few moments at home before I left, one being 2 hours before needing to be at the airport, I just needed to go and visit Millie at her resting place and talk to her before we left, it didn’t feel right not to … Once I’d been and had a chat with her , I left her resting place crying but I felt a tiny bit better.

The trip to Cape Verde was what we needed this week, a break away from everything and everyone. Weirdest part of the week … Sitting enjoy some food and a young woman constantly starting at me and then we realised she was googling me and showing her other half photos of me and it was really clear that they were trying to work out if we were who she thought we were … I facebooked a status about this on Millie’s Trust page to remind people that we are just normal and totally approachable .. It’s quite intimidating when people do things like this and just stare at us.. Just come and say hi, we’ll always say hi back. 


I never want to be away from Millie on special days like my birthday and certainly not this one, my 30th. So I planned our holiday to ensure that we were back the day before (today, 24th Sept)  so I could go visit our girlie on my birthday – if wouldn’t have felt right otherwise. I know some of you are reading this now and thinking “that’s a little strange, why does she have to do that?” – 

Thing is, is that I just do. I like to feel near my baby girl at special times and the nearest I feel to her is when I visit her sleeping place – you really will not understand this unless you have lost a child but I don’t actually want you to understand if you don’t already do so, because that would mean you losing a child and I certainly don’t want that. 

So today (the day before my birthday) will be spent with one of my besties, who just happens to also be my hairdresser, having my hair done and then my nails in preparation for my birthday party. This has actually now turned into a double celebration now though because it was announced this week whilst we were away that we had won a Pride of Britian Award. Full story here   

We managed to get online in Cape Verde after the announcement and we were honestly overwhelmed by the response from the public on both our website, social media and newspaper websites, you guys are so kind to us. So, when I manage to work out where I have some free time today I will attempt to find a dress for the awards ceremony next week. It always makes me laugh when we end up amazingly busy as everything has a habit of pouring into a few days once we end up with events on that we need to attend. I’m not the best of shoppers, I’m one of those women that just go into a shop when I need something in particular and I know where I will get it from,  so I guarantee I will be stressed by the end of today! Haha. 

In fact, I remember when Dan and I first went to the Trafford Centre to have a look around before a film, he said to me “I’ve never been around the Trafford Centre that fast!” 

Back to my 30th. Yes, so this is it. My last post in my twenties and Dan can no longer say he he has a wife in her twenties, haha!

See you on the other side …. x

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