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Last year we sat at home like many of you guys and cried throughout the Pride of Britain Awards 2014, never for one minute thinking that we would be there in 2015 …  But we

Last year we sat at home like many of you guys and cried throughout the Pride of Britain Awards 2014, never for one minute thinking that we would be there in 2015 … 

But we were, all dolled up and ready to collect an award in our fancy frock and suit.  

It was the most surreal evening out that we have ever had, I felt like I was in a TV with all these famous faces walking past me, it was extremely strange. 

We have to say though, everyone that we met were extremely friendly with us and so kind. The host of the show, Carol Voderman was so lovely and down to earth, we met her the night before the awards at a special dinner for the award winners and that put us a little more at ease. 

This was a tough night emotionally for us but also mentally because whilst we were in London, it was the first time that we had left Leo with someone, it was terribly hard on us. Luckily, we were able to take Leo to London with us and our lovely friend Sam came with us to look after him in the hotel, we knew she would look after him like she does her own daughter.. But even so, the first time is always the most nerve wracking, more so in our situation but Leo seem to have the time of his life with her (see photos below that were sent to us whilst he was with her)   

So we had a little champagne, nerves flipping in our stomach whilst we decided if we were brave enough to ask celebs for their photo with us … But we couldn’t let you guys down, we know are you expecting celeb pics, so here are a few 😀 Do you know who they are?  
Then we saw a celeb who lives locally to us so we had to get her too! 


We are so not like this normally, I never ask anyone famous for a photo, lol.

So as the night went on, our nerves trebled… We knew we were award winners number 11 on stage, so around award number 7 , I stopped the wine as I didn’t want to stumble across the stage when it was our time. Walking up those steps to stand in front of 900 people after they had just watched a clip on why we were there was so tremendously nerve wracking, standing on that stage and looking at celebrities crying their eyes out in front of us because of what they had just learnt about us was an unbelievable moment for us … It just proved to us though that celebrities are just human beings like you and I. 

We had the fabulous Jeremy Piven and Catherine Kelly (who is gorgeous in real life by the way)  present our award, which was fabulous as we have seen every episode of Mr.Selfridge and we are so looking forward to the next series! They were such wonderful people that made us feel so at ease, here is our official pic 


One of the most friendly celebs we met on the evening was Natalie Anderson A.K.A Alicia from Emmerdale, real lovely Yorkshire lass 😀

Natalie has also very kindly mentioned us in her Hello! Blog this week too, so kind of her. Click here to view (Thank you for that Natalie, you never know, she might read this) 😉

We were very honoured to meet various amazing people on the evening that have done some tremendous things in their lives, from saving lives, to raising millions of pounds to raising awareness of various topics. Every single person involved in the evening deserved to be there so much and you’ll see why when you hear their stories when you watch the awards this evening. 

I’m not going to natter much longer as I know you are dying to watch the awards this evening (8pm on ITV). We’ll be there with you in our pyjamas, on our sofa and maybe with a takeaway – bit different from Monday Evening when we received the award. 😂

So, I’m going to leave you now with a few photos from a famous address that you may recognise … 10 Downing Street .. And for those of you that want to know what breakfast at Downing Street was … Cheese and Ham Toasties 😁

We were quite excited at spending some time here, what a place to receive an invite to. We obviously couldn’t take our cameras inside but we did manage to get out photos outside and we do have the official media ones to.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t take Leo with us but it was far too early and he was only just waking up as we left for our visit and he needed his milk … You never know, we might get to take him one day. 

And SamCam? She was lovely 😀

Enjoy the awards xxx


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  1. I have not watched it yet I have recorded it so I can watch without distractions. I am so glad that you have been nominated and received the award well done for all your hard work I am sure that Millie is so proud of all that you have achieved in her memory.
    Leo is gorgeous I am glad that you managed to have him with you in London he looks happy enough in your photos and he is very obviously your son he is a perfect image of both of you.

  2. I watched tonight and sat there crying at your story like I am sure every other mum did.
    What an amazing thing you are doing in your daughters memory. You should both be so proud.

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