Nearly older than big sis X 

Millie was just 9 months old when we lost her. 

Leo is 9 months old today. 

Milestone number 12833379440 (there’s been that many, we’ve lost count).

It’s been so hard getting to this stage, but we aren’t exactly there yet, still a few more days to go. 

I know the exact day that Leo is the exact same age as Millie … 286 days old … So I also know that the day after Leo is technically older than his big sister. In fact, I’d worked this out a few hours after Leo was born and it’s been a date stuck in my head ever since. 

I thought the period running up to Leo being 9 months old would be the hardest but now I’m not too sure. Don’t get me wrong, it has been so hard but so beautiful at the same time. Millions of tears have fallen but at the same time, millions of smile have been seen too from all of us. 


We’ve watched Leo develop over the past 9 months, just like we watched Millie. We’ve seen him smile, giggle, roll over and so much more – all things we watched Millie do.

Pretty soon, we will be entering the next stage of development with Leo – the stage we never saw with Millie. 

So is this next stage going to be harder? More tearful? 

Honestly, I just don’t know. 

What I do know though, is that we have done ok in the past 9 months, in fact a lot better than we ever could have imagined. 

So here is to seeing Leo take his first steps, say his first words and so much more and with every new thing he learns, we will be so grateful that he is here. 

Lots of love to both our kiddies, we love you so so much. 

Love mummy xxx

One thought on “Nearly older than big sis X 

  1. Denise taylor

    Jo and Dan you amaze me with a your strenght! You have two beautiful children unfortunately one can’t be with you but is in spirit! Enjoy Leo you all deserve some.happiness, love to you all xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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